Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails Indiana Edition…

Hi Hondo, Knee-jerk, unknowledgeable, left-field question: Do you think Coach Don Treadwell might return to the MSU Football staff? Thomas

I think depending on how this season turns out and some other factors internally with the program that is a real possibility.


For the upcoming weeks, can you share your insights on how the team will perform for the remainder of October?    Obviously, we should be favored in all three games, however, each of these teams could give the Spartans a real battle if we do not prepare as well as we did for Iowa week.  Also, do you believe we can make it to the BT championship game this year given our change in momentum?  Fred

I expect IU to be the hardest of the next three.  Although MSU will be tested, I expect them to win and handle Purdue (not there yet, but up and coming) and Illinois (good offense, terrible defense) easily.


Hondo, are there any players at MSU who may be playing on the wrong side of the ball? People have mentioned Taiwan Jones and Kurtis Drummond; are there any that stick out to you? Bill Brockway

I don’t think Taiwan or Kurtis are on the wrong side.  Both are flourishing on the D.  Could both play on the other side?  No doubt, but not on the wrong side at all.  They are constantly looking at everyone.  The problem on the O is NOT players.  The problem is that players on the D are developed much better and faster.


Hondo, I am angry with you.  You talked last week about who will come out of the box to inspire the offense like Narduzzi.  How different are both sides coached?  Kyle

Great question Kyle, and sorry I made you mad.  Narduzzi inspires.  Now you don’t have to be loud and outspoken like him to do that.  Coach D was revered in Columbus although intense like Narduzzi he isn’t the same.  People like to take one person’s success and assume that is the ONLY way to do things.  Not so fast (hear Lee Corso) my friend.  There are many ways, but the two OCs in the box approach with no emotion guy on the field concerns me, and I am NOT the only one.


Hondo, I am still upset about Warner’s play calling on that fourth down in Iowa City.  What did you think?  Bonnie

I had no issues with the play call.  It was a simple power to the right.  They pulled LG Blake Treadwell and Langford was supposed to follow him or zone read it and go outside of it.  Instead, he went to the spot on the left that Treadwell had vacated and was destroyed when the unblocked Hawkeye shot the gap and nailed him.  Remember that a play’s success or lack thereof is NOT the barometer of whether a play was a good or bad call.  That was a good play call that the player didn’t execute, that isn’t on Warner.  Not the sole reason, but those little mental mistakes are what contributed to making the decision of breaking a redshirt on Delton Williams happen.


Hondo, I am not a football genius but I got something in my head that I can’t stop thinking about.  If he wasn’t hurt, why would the coaches pull out Connor Cook for the last drive at Notre Dame?  Still makes no sense.  Phil

Cook got pulled because in the second half he ran some wrong plays. He called it a “Miscommunication” and Dantonio when asked publicly blew it off as a young player learning, but that is the reason.


Daddy,  On your radio show last year while he was still in high school, Damion Terry said that Coach Dantonio told him that no matter who the second string QB was that they were going to play every game this year to get experience.  Remember that Damion said after that that he was told by coaches to quit telling what they told him.  Did Coach D change his mind because we didn’t see that against Iowa and when I heard Coach Dantonio’s press conference it didn’t sound like he was feeling it anymore.  I love you.  Duffy

Hi son.  Yes, Coach did tell that to Damion and yes he was told to be quiet.  You have big ears and a good memory.  I have always been an advocate for having the number two guy get real and good reps every game.  We will see this week and then ask next week if it is appropriate.  Love you too little buddy.  Daddy


Hondo, what is your thinking process when it comes to LT and how big of an impact he will have this year?  Tish

I think they should redshirt (medical) him this year.


Hondo, I know you are tired about the DeAnthony Arnett questions, but when you Tweeted that he was not on the travel list I was shocked.  Were you?  Jonah

No.  I expect this to be a redshirt season and that is common for non QB players who are doing so and NOT close to being on the playing group.


Hondo, do you have any thoughts on Riley being moved to FB?  Chris

Sure I do.  To have spent all of this time when the LB core is THIN next year on experience, with him at RB spot and not using him now is concerning.  If he is used more than MSU has used the traditional FB I LOVE it.  He is very athletic.  I know for a FACT that Brett Bielema, then the coach at Wisconsin, thought of Riley as a Mike Alstott type threat at FB when he recruited him HARD.  If he is utilized in that way, I love it.  If he is not, it helps the staff fill a hole, but it hurts Riley because it was a complete waste of time.  If he is not fully used as he should be, there will be a lot more people upset than just me and they work in the Duffy Building.


Hondo can I have your general thoughts on Maxwell being played that last series in South Bend.  I felt bad for him.  William

Sure.  I understand the frustration with Cook and some of the play execution.  He is young.  Making a move on that last play was unfair to Maxwell or any QB.  If there was an injury I get it, but to throw them in cold was simply not fair and I think Andrew deserved better.  His career has not turned out as anticipated and that is sad, especially since the bulk of the blame doesn’t rest on him.  More after the year.


Hondo, I have waited all week for an interview on the radio show with former MSU All American and I know he is your great buddy Herb Haygood, now the coach at Indiana.  Where has he been?  Have you at least talked to him? Sylvester

Coach Wilson (IU head coach) wants the emphasis on the current players this week and I agree with him.  Herb is doing great and flourishing in Bloomington.  Yes, I have spoken with him this week.


Hondo, will you get Coach Treadwell on your show to talk about Miami and getting fired?  I know he is your friend so I would love to hear him talk about it on the radio.  Thanks Mel

No, I won’t ask him on to talk about it.  Why?  He is a friend and that isn’t necessary.  Bottom line, he was loyal to a member of his staff who did not perform and he as the head coach paid the price.  That is reality.  No need to talk about the past.  He moves on.


Hondo, recruits are waiting longer to make announcements, although I suspect their decisions are made well in advance of their announcement. I realize it’s an important decision but I don’t understand that if you’re a top recruit that can select any school why they wait.  Make a decision or probably more realistically an announcement and move on. Why all the drama? Richard

Richard, I agree, but that is the day and age we live in…the hype, the drama.  We cover recruiting at Spartan Nation, but we don’t “Buy In” on the drama and those milking it.  I do know some recruits on a personal basis who really don’t know.  I know some that truly want to go to school A, but have a lot of pressure or real life situations that make B a better choice and they are wrestling with it.  There are others who just are waiting perhaps for a dream school. Then there are others who simply want the free paid officials because they never have been out of their area of the country because of financial issues.  Those milking it for attention I avoid.  Those with real reasons for delay I respect. 


There you go everyone, another week of your questions and emails.  You can have your question or email used when you send me a note at and put in the subject line Football Q/A

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