2013 Spartan Nation Football Profile: #41 MLB Kyler Elsworth

Photo courtesy of Rick Waugh Photo courtesy of Rick Waugh

2013 Spartan Nation Football Profile: #41 MLB Kyler Elsworth

Expectation: Backup MLB, Star Special Teams Standout

Height: 6’1”

 Weight: 222#

2013 Eligibility: Redshirt Senior

EXP: 3 Letters

Status: Backup MLB, Star Special Teams Standout

Strengths: In the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl TCU had a 3rd and 18 in the 4th quarter at their own 33 with :36 left in the game. Elsworth made a read on a play that wasn’t even meant for him. He saw it, accelerated, and made an awesome textbook NFL open field tackle. Because he was a walk on people have called him the MSU version of Rudy. I disagree on only one point. Elsworth is loved by his teammates and coaches, and he has TALENT!

He just makes plays. He isn’t sexy in doing it, he just does it. He is a blue collar, hardworking player that fits completely in the mold of the State of Michigan. He may not have sizzle, but the young man is all steak. A true warrior that has no clue what taking off a play means. He goes at it all the time 110%.

Weakness: In the UM game the Wolverines had 11:34 on the clock in the 1st quarter at their own 10 facing a 3rd and eight. They were in the shotgun with the RB offset to the QB’s R and the TE was lined up to the left. The RG came around pulling and Elsworth didn’t have appropriate pad level and got driven back nine yards. Sometimes at the point of the attack he has to remember to keep his pads down. Because he attacks every single play, sometimes getting overly hyped up can cause a player to stand up more in pursuit and that allows players on the D to get leverage.

Final Analysis: The greatest racing horse of all time was Secretariat. Most people are not aware (I am a horse guy so I know these obscure things) that his heart was nearly three times the size of an average horse.

I have no doubt that if an exam was performed on Elsworth you would see the same thing. His heart is bigger than normal. I have never seen him take a play off, a rep in practice off, or doing anything halfway. Coaches clamor for players that give them everything and he does. If you looked up the word Spartan, or effort in the dictionary you would see his picture.

Elsworth will not see his name hung on the fascia of Spartan Stadium one day, but if they ever recast the bronze Spartan statue of Sparty that greets visitors to campus or salutes people entering the stadium press box, they should make it of him. I have been around MSU athletics for over 40 years. I have never seen one player give 110% all of the time like him on and off the field. He is Sparty. On and off the field, Elsworth is everything that you want from a college athlete, a young man, a son, brother, or teammate.

Keep your eyes on the field for #41. All he does it make plays and represent the Spartan Nation on and off the field like a champion. He may not be the greatest player of all time in MSU history, but he may just be the greatest Spartan of all time in any sport.

The pride of Goodrich, Michigan, would say ‘aw shucks’ to this praise and try to deflect it on to his team. His teammates and coaches would push it right back. Parents like me who want their kids to look up to great young men as role models need look no further. The average fan does not get the time to spend around these athletes as I do, it is a shame. I wish the entire Spartan Nation knew Elsworth. Problem is, he would probably be helping old ladies across the street while everyone was looking for him. He is the real deal.


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  1. R. Elsworth July 19, 2013 at 3:52 am #

    Wow, what a flattering article! Thanks for noticing and all your kind words. Go Green!

  2. Chad Toms July 19, 2013 at 8:44 am #

    He sure has made his Goodrich Martian nation proud . . .

  3. West Family July 19, 2013 at 11:46 am #

    Great all-around person & athlete. So proud of you Kyler! GO GREEN!!!

  4. Craig Patenaude July 19, 2013 at 12:37 pm #

    Great article and i watched him in high school and he always gave 110 % . He has a keen eye for reading plays. They should try him as a receiver as well.

  5. The Bouck Family July 20, 2013 at 8:38 am #

    That was a great article! It is awesome to see that people in the media are noticing how hard Kyler is working. It was fun watching him play high school ball, and good luck in your senior season. As a lifelong Spartan fan, Go Kyler and GO GREEN!!

  6. kacey August 5, 2013 at 6:35 pm #