2013 Spartan Nation Football Profile: #8 Lawrence LT Thomas

Photo courtesy of MSU SID Photo courtesy of MSU SID

2013 Spartan Nation Football Profile: #8 Lawrence LT Thomas


Expectation: Backup DT


Height: 6’3”


Weight: #300


2013 Eligibility: Redshirt Sophomore


EXP: 1 Letter


Status: Backup DT


Strengths: In the 2nd quarter of the CMU game the Spartans had a 2nd and 6 with 3 minutes on the clock. The Spartans were in the I formation with LT lined up as the FB.

He flares out after the snap in a pass route. There is a poor pass that is behind him. Even with his massive frame going in one direction he is able to reach behind him and catch the ball while never losing stride and get the first down. It was an amazing display of athleticism that had the coaches in the film room after the game in awe.


Here is another example of his amazing athleticism. In the EMU game the Spartans punted with 12:17 on the clock in the 1st quarter. LT came down and made a devastating open field tackle that should be illegal for a man his size and I know would send someone to prison in France. He is an athletic monster.


Weakness: I could point to some plays here which is normally what I do. I won’t for LT. What I will say is simple, when he realizes how good he is and the light comes on, he will be a dominant monster. He has not yet shown that dominance at the DT spot, and if he does he would be an NFL 1st round pick with that talent. If he can find a way to turn it on all the time, look out.


Final Analysis: I feel bad for LT. He came in so highly touted and rightfully so with his athletic ability. The intensity was crazy.


The pressure on the young man was immense. I believe that football became a chore for him. I never doubted and still don’t doubt his heart, just simply the pressure made it a chore. I think he is one of the best athletes on this team and has every skill to be great. We have yet to see the LT of his younger high school years that played like a savage beast with a love for the game no one can match. If we see that, this incredibly kind young man will play on Sundays.


Next up: QB Connor Cook


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