2013 Spartan Nation Football Profile: #14 WR Tony Lippett


Expectation: Starting WR


Height: 6’3”


Weight: 185#


2013 Eligibility: Redshirt Junior


EXP: 2 Letters


Status: Starting WR


Strengths: In the 2nd quarter of the CMU game, the Spartans had the ball 1st and ten at the CMU 31 with 1:19 on the clock. Lippett ran a perfect move that looked like the DB could have been faked out of his cleats caught the pass and secured the first down. He is the most athletic player on the MSU football team and it isn’t close. He has moves, he has size, and he has speed. He is one of the rare athletes that you watch and say, “They are blessed.”


Weakness: Against EMU in the 2nd quarter, MSU had the ball at their own 31, with a 1st and ten with :58 on the clock. Lippett had a well thrown ball, but could hear the approaching footsteps and dropped an easy catch. Lippett has NFL talent, but moved over to WR from CB because in the MSU system you must be a fearless hitter to play corner and not only love contact, but to seek it out. When Tony struggles it isn’t because of talent, but it is when he hears footsteps and makes easy mistakes.


Final Analysis: Tony is a fantastic young man. He lights up a room with a magnetic smile. He is blessed with terrific skills and talent. In 2010 he did such a great job portraying Denard Robinson on the scout team that as his defensive teammates came off the field they commented how he was better than “Shoelaces.”


I feel it important to make a note here. I know of players who were afraid of contact and going across the middle. Lippett DOES NOT have a fear issue. He certainly does struggle in that environment, but isn’t afraid.


If he can overcome the issues of simple and correctable mistakes he could be AMAZING. His leash will be short in 2013. There are a lot of talented players behind him pushing for playing time and dropped balls and simple mistakes will put him on the bench. He has the talent. Will he put it together and achieve star status? Who knows, but there isn’t a better kid to root for when it comes to wishing people success.


Next up: PR Andre Sims, Jr.


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  1. pwlew July 14, 2013 at 10:33 am #

    My largest hope for this year is that our wide receivers are taught to catch the ball! Coaching needs to put catching the ball as the top priority and not just give it lip service. eg, I counted 8 (maybe more) drops in the spring scrimmage. Something drastic needs to be done, how about taking a WR out for the rest of the series if he drops a easy-to-catch ball??

    Wide-open drops are frustrating to see, and we had way too many of then all last year. At least 2 games maybe more were probably lost because of drops. You have to wonder if our coaching is is sufficient here…hopefully we won’t see nearly as many drops this year! thanks. Pete.