2014 Coveted JUCO OL David Hedelin From Sweden Talks MSU and More!


Q: David, how are you buddy?


A: Hello, sir. I’m doing very good.


Q: Thanks for being on the show. It’s great to have you.


A: Absolutely. Thank you.


Q: Did you play American football when you were in Sweden?


A: Yeah, I played for four years back in Sweden before I got here.


Q: What’s the level of competition like in Sweden, David?


A: The speed is very different from Sweden. It’s much slower back home. We spend a lot more time on football here in America as well. So those two are the biggest differences between Sweden and here in America.


Q: Is American football growing in popularity in Sweden?


A: Oh yeah. It’s actually growing all around Europe very fast right now.


Q: Is that because of NFL Europe or just because the regular NFL has gotten so big?


A: I think that it’s growing because the modern game is bigger nowadays, so that’s why I think more people play it more now back in Europe.


Q: Did you come to America because you felt like you had the ability to play college ball or for other reasons?


A: I came for football, yeah I did. Some coaches back in Sweden told me that I was good there, so I thought why not give it a shot here in America?


Q: Are there a lot of other young men like you back in Sweden? Could your success open the door for some other guys?


A: I definitely think that more people will come here to America to also try to get into a D1 school because now they know that it’s possible. I think there’s gonna be more European people here in America very soon.


Q: Did you have any family in America when you came or did any come with you?


A: No, nothing.


Q: The way you play football impresses me with the level of coaching you must have gotten in Sweden. You don’t act like a guy who’s only played in America one year.


A: Yeah. Thank you very much, sir.


Q: Talk about the coaching in Sweden.


A: My first coach that I had for two years, he was a very aggressive coach and he always wanted me to play hard. That’s the reason why I think I play hard today. But I definitely learned more technique once I got here to America.


Q: You could play anywhere. As you look for a school, what are you looking for?


A: I’m looking for a good football program and good academics. The weather doesn’t really matter. I think I can adapt to any school actually, so far.


Q: Do you have a timeframe in your mind of when you wanna make a decision?


A: I think maybe during the season, somewhere around that point.


Q: Have you met with any of the Michigan State coaches?


A: No, I haven’t met them yet actually.


Q: Have you set that up? Are you gonna come out here or are they gonna come out and see you?


A: I’m definitely thinking about taking an official at least to Michigan State. So maybe in Michigan State.


Q: What was the biggest thing you noticed different between America and Sweden when you got here?


A: Do you mean football-wise or…


Q: Just people-wise, country-wise.


A: Okay, okay. I think people here in America are more open to meeting new people. I think that’s the biggest difference I’ve noticed so far.


Q: One of the things I loved when I was in Sweden was eating sheep. They don’t eat as much sheep here, do they?


A: Oh yeah, yeah. It’s definitely…


Q: Us big guys…we can talk about the food, can’t we?


A: (laugh)


Q: Do you know what you wanna major in yet?


A: Business is my plan to take.


Q: What is it about Michigan State that interests you?


A: It’s definitely a very good football program. I think that’s the biggest reason why I like the school. And of course the academics and the climate is fine.


Q: The climate is just like Sweden.


A: Yeah, exactly.


Q: What is the recruiting process like for you? How have you enjoyed it?


A: It’s very different from Sweden. Football is so much bigger here. It’s been a bit hectic some days, with calling the coaches and all that. So far it’s been all good. But I’m not complaining at all.


Q: What do you think the deciding factor will be in where you choose?


A: I think my visit is gonna be my biggest point…where I’ll be able to make my decision.


Q: You’re living in San Francisco. Have you got a chance to spend some time on the Wharf?


A: No, no, no, I haven’t been able to.


Q: Have you at least developed a taste for clam chowder?


A: No, no.


Q: What is it about football that David Hedelin loves?


A: I have always been a very competitive guy in all sports. I played soccer before and now I play football; that’s even more tough than soccer. I think that the toughness is the reason why I really like playing offensive tackle.


Q: With all respect for being Swedish and the great country you come from, you embody that American spirit. I love your fire, your spirit and the way you play football.


A: Thank you very much, sir.


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  1. Roger July 7, 2013 at 1:46 pm #

    you could have talked about pass Scandinavians who played football for Michigan State.

    Morton Anderson, Rolf …..? Hans Nielson…. could have helped…Perhaps the coaches will being them up!

  2. Faygo July 7, 2013 at 1:57 pm #

    As someone of half Swedish descent (the other half, Norwegian – I’m so confused), I say, David, welcome to Michigan State, and I don’t like lutefisk, either.