2013 Spartan Nation Football Profile: S Kurtis Drummond

Photo courtesy of MSU SID Photo courtesy of MSU SID

2013 Spartan Nation Football Profile: S Kurtis Drummond


Expectation: Starting S


Height: 6’1”


Weight: 201#


2013 Eligibility: Junior


EXP: 2 Letters


Status: Starting S


Strengths: In the EMU game the Spartans in the 2nd quarter with 9:07 on the clock were preparing for a punt return. Nick Hill misplayed the ball and made a big mistake. Drummond had come back and with amazing ball awareness picked it up and not only gave the Spartans the ball back, but got a nine yard return. What could have set up EMU for a score was turned around by this ball hawk with an eye for the football.


Weakness: Let’s stay right in the EMU game for a moment. Same 2nd quarter and this time it was with 1:17 on the clock at the EMU 24. The Hurons were in a single back formation and as the play developed Drummond saw it and came up to make the play. His technique was not sound; he jumped at the player and missed.


Drummond has the great awareness and athleticism to play in the NFL. What he has to grow at is trusting his technique. Slowing a half of step down would have resulted in a nice tackle.


Final Analysis: Drummond is a very good football player. As I re-watched all of last year’s games he just kept popping up making plays. He is a playmaker with great talent. Add to that, he is a wonderful person. His smile is contagious and his family truly raised a gentleman. Don’t let the dreads fool you; off of the football field he is a gentleman and a great guy. On it, he has NFL tools, but now he has to learn to trust his technique. Everyone at this level has the tools; technique will determine if he plays on Sundays.


Next up: DeAnthony Arnett


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