2013 Spartan Nation Football Profile: DT Micajah Reynolds

Photo courtesy of MSU SID. Photo courtesy of MSU SID.

2013 Spartan Nation Football Profile: DT Micajah Reynolds


Expectation: Starting DT


Height: 6’5”


Weight: 308#


2013 Eligibility: 5th year senior


EXP: 3 Letters


Status: In rotation of three players to be one of the starting two DTs.


Strengths: Against EMU, the Hurons had a 2nd and ten at the MSU 46 in the 1st quarter. Most people do not understand the role of the DT. Sure it is to get tackles, but they are space eaters. The force plays to change and so much of what they do is that and it goes unnoticed. Caj was able to blow the play up, by being that space eater. When he is engaged he is a game changer. I will be stunned if he isn’t the starter come fall and that isn’t a slam on those ahead of him. They are good; he is also. He can be relentless and when his pads are low is unstoppable.


Weakness: Let’s stay in the 1st quarter of the EMU game. With 5:42 on the clock, the Hurons were at their own 31 facing 2nd and one. He was battling and ran right past the ball carrier and missed a tackle. He is so physical that at times he needs to keep his vision upfield. You have to love his motor, but sometimes he has to remember it isn’t just him getting from point A to point B, they are moving also.


Final Analysis: I know Caj and his lovely family well. I truly care for them and admit it. He was moved from OL to DT back and forth many times over his career. If we were being blunt, his flexibility in talent hurt him. Because of that, as the team’s needs changed he was moved like a ping pong ball.


To his credit, he never got a bad attitude and he stood strong. He was always about the team; not just in interviews, but in private. I am sure it was hard, but Caj was a Spartan and about the team. This is his time right now. I fully expect his faithfulness and work ethic to shine in 2013. He had a great spring and is ready. This Dawg is hungry and I can assure you that he will eat.


Next up: S Kurtis Drummond


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