2013 Spartan Nation Football Profile: MLB Max Bullough

Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard

2013 Spartan Nation Football Profile: MLB Max Bullough

Expectation: All American MLB

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 245#

2013 Eligibility: Senior

EXP: 3 Letters

Status: All American MLB

Strengths: This could be voluminous with Bullough. He is unquestionably the best football player on a very good team and the anchor of the nation’s best defense. I have a very close friend who is a scout for an NFC team that asked me no less than 15 times last year if Max would leave early. He told me, “He is an Urlacher type player. Doesn’t hype himself so may fly a little under the radar, but is a glue guy that starts day one and is great. We love him.”

One of the great illustrations of his strength is the EMU game. In the first quarter the Hurons had a 2nd and 1 at their own 31 with 5:42 on the clock. Bullough sets the defense to adjust to the EMU play then proceeds to run around the end of the line and still catches the ball carrier BEHIND the line of scrimmage. He is an old school football player.

Weakness: It is hard to find a weakness, but even Superman had kryptonite. If Max has a weakness it is at times he can be overly aggressive. At the next level that will hurt him a lot more than now, but you can occasionally see it.

Max has never met a play he doesn’t think he can stop. That is admirable, but can hurt. In the Northwestern game the Cats had the ball at the 50. It was the 1st quarter and there was 12:23 on the clock with a 2nd and ten. He came flying to make a tackle that WASN’T his assignment. He came flying in so aggressively that with one move the Wildcat avoided him and the play went for 22 yards.

Now remember that the play wasn’t Max’s responsibility. With that said, had he came in a little more under control a 22-yard gain would have been nine.

I reiterate that we are knit picking here, but you have to with Max.

Final Analysis: When Greg Jones left I was writing this same report for Max. I took great criticism when I said this, “Greg is a great player and young man. On the field Bullough is an upgrade. That is not a statement against Jones, but rather one about how good Max is.” I still stand by that.

I would suggest you go back and watch last year’s Nebraska game. I had one member of management for an NFL team tell me, “He (Bullough) called out adjustments and changes in the defense almost as soon as Martinez did. That was outstanding.” That game was a masterpiece by Bullough and had NFL people’s attention.

Add to that, Max is a terrific person. Max is a true gentleman who has all of his father’s athletic talent and the heart of his mother. A super young man.


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