Answering Your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Hondo, in your last football questions article you talked about TE and left Paul Lang out of the story.  Did you forget him or could you expound?  Mike

Hi Mike.  Paul has made an amazing journey to even be playing.  He is certainly in play, but he has to be able to stay healthy.  Until he can stay healthy, he will not become the go to guy.  You should he rooting for him, just a terrific young man.


Hondo, I was reading another message board and you were being taken to task for your report that Izzo was interested in being the football coach and that he was a viable candidate.  Now I put two and two together and I just listened to him on your radio show and have seen plenty of interviews.  Can you address this please?  Some of the people even said they “leaked” the story to you to see if you could be trusted and you failed.  I am not being confrontational; I would just like your thoughts.  Kyle

Sure Kyle.  I have never backed down and won’t.  Tom Izzo wanted to be the head football coach.  He was a candidate for it.  I reported that as well as if offered he would take the job.  I have never wavered from that and Tom has never denied it.  If I was lying don’t you think he would have refuted the report?  Let me make a suggestion and I would like you to take this to whatever website you saw this on. 

Jack Ebling is a great journalist and a very good friend of Tom Izzo.  He is well aware of my report.  He and I talked about it at length several times before I ran the story and since.  Tom Izzo was aware I was going to report it before I did and we have talked about it since I did. 

Why don’t you suggest that whoever wrote that post on a message board call Jack’s Radio show, “The Drive with Jack Ebling?”  It airs from 3-6PM on AM 730 in Lansing.  Jack often has times for people to call in.  Have them ask Jack, “Did Hondo lie with his report on Tom Izzo and the MSU head coaching job.”  If Jack says that I lied I will give $1,000 to the person who calls.  I told Jack I was going to do this, so I hope someone does.  I bet they don’t give me $1,000 when he answers!  It’s easy to hide behind message board anonymity so I wouldn’t know who to contact to collect my money.  Tom Izzo also has a public radio show during the season.  I would make the same $1,000 offer there.


Hondo, do you think that Riley Bullough will be the 45 carries a game RB this year?  Glenn

No.  He is a great big back and I can see him getting 20-25 carries a game.  Mark Dantonio was perplexed that no one stepped up last year to relieve LeVeon.  Someone else will emerge to get carries from the freshman class.


Hondo, if you use this please do not put my town.  I am a neighbor to an MSU Trustee and I asked them about your reports on football funding.  They acknowledged that you are correct and that it has to get fixed.  Keep up the great work.  Tracie

Thanks Tracie.  It is a serious issue and I am not saying what is right or wrong.  If you are not going to truly compete they can’t tell the fans and donors they will.   MSU and its leadership have to decide what way to go.  I believe that if they don’t fully fund football and make it clear they expect every year to compete for a Big Ten title then they are making a dumb decision that not only will sink Spartan athletics as we know it, but ruin any legacy of those in leadership.


Hondo, I am a Michigan fan, but my brother-in-law sent me your article where you talked about Brady Hoke and Mark Dantonio when Coach Hoke came to Breslin.  Very good stuff.  Just wanted to say thanks for that information.  It is hard not to like Mark Dantonio when you hear about him personally.  Dennis

Hi Dennis.  Same with Brady Hoke.  He is a good and honorable man.  I love the MSU vs. UM rivalry (163 days until the football game but who’s counting), but sometimes people miss the human element.  Coach Hoke and Dantonio have a very good respect for one another and whether personally or with recruits you do not find the other being disparaging of the other or their character.


Hondo, I have heard so many conflicting stories, but have not heard from you about how the MSU football recruiting class for 2014 is taking shape.  Care to share?  Ryan

Sure Ryan.  There is a long time between now and when the class signs in February.  What I do know is with eight committed players, if you look back at all of Dantonio’s classes at the eight player point, none have been better.  So far this is on track as his best.  Let’s save the hyperbole for February.


Hondo, I don’t like losing Lawrence Marshall to Michigan.  He was such a strong lean to MSU and Hoke just took him like a rug from under our feet.  Is there any chance you can give me a reason for hope?  Rich

First, if losing a recruit makes you hopeless, I would suggest you reevaluate your life, your goals, and your purpose.  Take a look at the real tragedy in Moore, Oklahoma.  Secondly, UM gave Lawrence the best chance to get on the field.  With all of the sky is falling remorse no one seems to realize that?  Think about this.  Marcus Rush and Shilique Calhoun are your starting DEs in 2013.  Both are NFL DE prospects.  Calhoun is a sophomore and Rush is a junior.  Your second string DE, behind Calhoun, is Denzel Drone who is a senior, but freshman Jamal Lyles is pushing him.  Joel Heath who is a sophomore backs up Rush.  Also, remember that Demetrius Cooper is coming in with the 2013 class who at one time was the #1 overall player in the nation (prior to injury) who is a DE.  MSU is loaded at LB with at least one and maybe two with the talent to put their hand on the ground.  What I am saying is that any player looking at MSU, especially on defense, has to look at the stockpile of talent.  I am not saying that all of that was the reason Lawrence went to UM.  What I am saying is that he looked at it.  I know because we talked about it.


Hey fat man.  How about you have kids who aren’t even good rappers dissing on your boy Dantonio and saying they would rather rap than play football for you losers.  Talk up little brother, Dick Rod is gone and we are back.  Go blue.  Lynn

Well Lynn, I laugh every time Michigan people point out the M Rod era not counting that you don’t say the same with the JLS years?  As far as the “Rapper” in question, he didn’t say no thanks to MSU.  Mark Dantonio pulled his scholarship. He is not a Spartan because of his actions.  Mark Dantonio made that decision.  By the way, Wal Mart has a sale on depends in aisle three.

There you go everyone.  If you have any questions for the Q and A article simply email me at and place in the subject line Q and A.  Must use your name.

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    Isle 3 is not depends. . .its frozen food. Must be uncomfortable for the wolver-weenies . . .wearing a block ice in the nether-regions. . .maybe it builds character?