Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

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Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…


Hondo, I monitor a ton of Spartan sites, why do you think yours is the only one bringing the athletic budget problems, and the money going to the university to light? Grant

Grant, I can’t answer for others.  I know that Graham Couch at the LSJ recently had a nice article.  I know that Matt Charboneau of the Detroit News has talked about it on my radio show as Joe Rexrode has.  I run Spartan Nation, others have editors who may not be as in tune or work for places that may put priority on other things such as recruiting.  What I do know is that there is a coming storm.  Inside people are well aware and talking about it.  If I were you I would ask those who don’t why they don’t.


Hondo, The 2 red shirt freshmen TE, I remember you said they both could contribute very well at MSU. How are they progressing? I don’t show then in the 2 deep from spring practice. I feel with no TE really puts this offense in a bad position. Cousins had a plethora of them. Thank you for all you do for Spartannation.  Mark Trenkle

Agree that MSU has to have more out of the tight end this season.  Who steps up is anyone’s guess.  Will it be the two red shirt freshmen in Josiah Price or Evan “BULLDOZER” Jones?  How about the man with the experience in Andrew Gleichert or new freshman Dylan Chmura?  All I know is that Dantonio has to have at least two of them step up.


Hondo- I understand MSU is not going to get every recruit and not getting Lawrence Marshall and having Drake Harris decommit hurts as they are two recruits that seemed to be very high on the wish list. My question is once those guys decided MSU was not the place for them; they made some derogatory comments about Michigan State football. While I always had heard the coaching staff was known for sort of a low pressure, high morals recruiting style, is there something that they are doing that you are aware of that is not only not getting recruits (which happens for many reasons), but also where the kids have poor things to say about the program when they go elsewhere? Those types of comments are what bother me more than not landing the commitments of Harris and Marshall because it may mean tougher recruiting in the future.  Jim

Well Jim, I know of several big time recruits that DID come to MSU because of the way the Spartans behave.  I really like Marshall, but he made the choice he felt was best for him.  As far as teenage kids making comments, I guess I am not as outraged.  I don’t like it, but expect kids to be kids.


Hi, Hondo. Thanks again for all of your hard work…Do you think Aaron Burbridge will become a true #1 WR this year? And how would you value the effect of having that kind of guy on our offense, like we had in Devin Thomas, Blair White, BJ, etc?  Nathan Husted

Nathan, I love Burbridge’s game.  I think he really can.  Will he?  We shall see, but I can tell you he has all the skills and is a super kid.

Hondo, I found last week’s questions and answers very interesting. I have a hard time believing people would actually write-in the obscene comments you published, but I guess this is a reflection of the extreme frustration of Spartan football fans, athletic supporters, and alumni. Last season’s record was unacceptable. Candidly, if this year’s team does not finish at least 10-2 (with its soft schedule), something is deeply wrong. Like many of your contributors, we are beginning to question a $4000 expense for season tickets, especially after doubling our scholarship contribution last year in hopes of helping Hollis and Dantonio to continue winning 10-12 games per year. I’ve read all your stories about how our university does not fully fund football like other big schools and in fact takes money away from the athletic department, how we cannot hire the coaches we really would like, why we do not have a full-time recruiting coordinator, and why we can’t effectively recruit nationally. Now we are seeing kids from Michigan that had been all-but-locked-up go to Ann Arbor. As season ticket holders and Spartan fund contributors for 55 seasons, these things disturb our family greatly.  HJ from Holland

You should be concerned about the future of MSU football.  I think this summer will tell us a lot about the future of the program.  I am not going to say a lot right now, but there are some things going on behind the scenes that have me CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC…emphasis on cautiously.  I am not going to talk about those things right now, but there are several people as concerned as you.  The future of MSU football, as we know it and as it should be, is being debated and talked about behind the scenes.

Hondo, you have talked about MSU football being underfunded compared to many of the schools it is trying to compete with. If that does not change quickly do you see Mark Dantonio leaving for another school? I certainly think he is a good coach and evaluator of talent, but without at least equal resources it will be very difficult for MSU football to compete for Big Ten titles consistently let alone BCS bowl games. In fact, I think MSU really needs more funding than many of its competitors and to use it wisely to be competitive on a consistent basis at the top levels. People can say whatever they want about the success MSU has had, but the reality is among many recruits and the national public MSU is a good BCS football program, but nowhere near elite.  Scott

I don’t think that Mark would leave.  I do think we could see assistants start leaving next off season and MSU has a short window to fix the situation.  It is a very short window.


OK everyone, there you go.  Our weekly Q/A article.  If you would like your email to be considered for this article, please add to the subject line Football Q/A.  Email me at

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