Legendary CFB/NFL Mind Hank Bullough Talks About the Assault of the Game of Football By the PC Police


Q: It appears to me the game of football is under an assault. What do you think about all these lawsuits from concussions, etc. from former players and do you think they’re going to change the game?


A: Well, I’m glad that you asked me this question, Hondo, because I’ve been on talk shows… I think we’re jumping to conclusions. I think that if you took everybody, every kid that ever played out there… For example when I was 5 years old I had a bike. I fell off of it a lot of times onto the floor. I don’t ever remember wearing a helmet when I was a kid. If that’s dangerous, football’s dangerous, how about kick boxing? When you get in the ring you fight… How about regular boxing? How about soccer? They don’t have a helmet on. They’re hitting each other in the head. How about baseball when they throw it at a guy’s head? How about wrestling when their head protection aren’t very much now. I think they’re more for cauliflower ears then they are for head injuries. So every sport has its chance of things. And I’m not saying that they don’t need helmets, but I think that pro football…nobody says anything, but for research and development football put up $100 million for research to try to help if there’s a problem out there. But they’re the only club that… How about hockey? I watched a hockey game, Michigan/Michigan State hockey game here this fall and I counted the number of hits on the ice. In the first period they had 31 that could have been hitting with their head. So to put it all on football… Life’s a risk. When I leave you I’m gonna be getting in my car. I got a chance to get in a car accident. Life’s a risk. You can’t go hide into it thing. So that’s how I really feel about it. But until we get a way to help and a way to… We have too many people that wanna do away with this and wanna do away with that and so forth. I think that we need to do all sports become more of a way of… How many sports are there that you don’t have head gear? Well, track is about the only one. Tennis, but you could get hit in the eye with the ball. But there’s not very many sports out there that… There’s not very many things that you do in life. You can fall down when you’re 8 years old and hit your head on the cement. The one that I’m really upset with is you go down to Ranney Park, that skateboard thing. You been down there?


Q: Yes, sir.


A: Okay. There’s nobody there, right?


Q: Yes, sir.


A: Nobody there but the people that’s doing it. Nobody knows if those kids have helmets on or anything like that. And they just go down and play there, the kids play in the park and they’re hitting their heads all the time. College kids come out of the dorms in good weather on skateboards. They’re flying through the air. I see that commercial of that girl that keeps going down those steps and falling and hitting her head. So we don’t know. So let’s do everything that we can to help it. But not only just put it all on football, but let’s put it on everything that we can.


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