2014 OLB Recruit Chris Frey Jr. talks MSU and His recruitment

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Just got off the phone with 2014 OLB Recruit @Cfrey07 and he said, “I just committed to Michigan State.”  Congrats Chris Chris Frey Jr

He Will be on the THUR edition of Spartan Nation Radio.  This article was written prior to this commit.


Q: Chris Frey Jr, how are you buddy?


A: I’m doing great. How are you?


Q: Good. You have tremendous ability to change direction. Have you worked on that or is that just God-given talent?


A: I’ve been working on it a lot. Every week I do the bags: lateral, forward, high knees, backwards, in and out. I try and do it all. I’ve been training a lot with a place here in Columbus called D1, where alot of guys from the central Columbus area, some of the top guys from the central Columbus area that are out there working, getting ready for camps this summer doing forward, shuttle, verticals, just working on footwork and one-on-one. Doing that there has really helped me a lot to become faster and help me with my lateral and vertical movements and everything like that.


Q: Don’t some of the actual Buckeye players work out there too?


A: Uh, yes.


Q: You have a lot of impressive schools looking at you. Do you have a timeframe in mind when you wanna make a decision, Chris?


A: I do. I just picked up another offer the other day from Purdue.


Q: Congratulations.


A: Thank you. I hope to get a few more offers. I’m not really sure when this will happen, but I do want to make my decision by July 31. Doing this whole process you go to a school on a visit and there’s always that slight chance that you fall in love with the school, and you’ll just realize, Wow this is where I wanna be. So with that, I wanna do it before July 31 which is a date that I’ve set. But at the same time I could easily switch it and say…go to school and realize this is where I wanna be and make my decision right then.


Q: What’s your impression of Michigan State, the campus and the environment?


A: It was great. We got to go to where the coaches offices are and where the locker room is and all that. So we got to go in there and it was extremely nice. Some of the stuff I saw in there was some of the best I’ve seen so far. I really liked it a lot.


Q: I know Mike Tressel is your primary recruiter and would also be your coach. What’s your thoughts on Mike Tressel?


A: He’s a great guy. Growing up being an Ohio State fan you see Coach Jim Tressel and then you have Coach Tressel here at Michigan State. So for me I see a lot of resemblance between the two. The way that coach Tressel here at Michigan State talks, he’s extremely nice, he’s a real straightforward guy. He always tells me exactly what I need to do to become a Spartan, and everything that he knows that I can improve on and everything. Throughout this whole process he’s been telling me to come to camp, come to camp, come to camp. So I went to camp last year and was more a side linebacker more than anything. I came in at like 6’1”, 197 and from there he told me, you need to put on weight if you wanna play linebacker in the Big 10. If you wanna be a Spartan you need to put on weight. So from there I quit playing sports other than football. I stopped running track, I stopped playing basketball and I just started lifting. So I got a personal trainer, I started doing more training one-on-one. And I put on the weight. I’m up to 217 right now. The other night when I got my call from Coach Dantonio, which was kind of a surprise because all along Coach Tressel’s been telling me to come to camp this summer and show Coach Dantonio how big you’ve gotten, how you’ve improved and everything. So it was a huge surprise to me to hear that I didn’t have to come to camp to prove myself, that Coach Dantonio knows that I’ve improved, I’ve put on the weight, and I’ve done everything I’ve had to do to become a Spartan.


Q: What are your thoughts on Pat Narduzzi?


A: The best part about the coaching stuff is the fact that they win games. Period. There’s no question about it. They’ve been in bowl games the past…I can’t remember how many bowl games they’ve been in, but they’ve been winning games. The defense that they have…that just shows right there. They’re winning games, they’re winning bowl games. This defense has what it takes. This defense is doing what it needs to do. The fact that I’ve received a scholarship to be on this defense, to be a part of this, it’s just an unreal experience for me. In talking to him the other night he just told me that he wants me to be a part of this defense. He wants me to bring that enthusiasm to the table and to bring everything that I have and to become a Spartan. To do everything I can do to make this team better. I enjoyed talking to him. He’s a great coach.


Q: You’re very humble, extremely talented and have a strong work ethic. I assume that comes from your family. Could you talk about your family, please?


A: My whole family, every weekend is at my game. Every Friday night there’s probably about 25 people in the stands for me, from my family and friends. It’s always great to have them on your back. Because I know talking to coaches and going through this process they always say, You have a great family. Your family supports you through everything. It just means the world to me. I’m just blessed to have them in my life, knowing you have these kids out there that are going through this process alone because their parents might not have the time to do it or they don’t wanna do it or they don’t wanna help their kids. And for me, I have amazing parents, amazing supporting people around me that help me get through this, that help me make the decisions that I need to make and help me get to the places that I need to be. They do everything for me and it means the world to me.


Q: Do you know what you wanna major in yet, Chris?


A: Yes, I wanna do something in sports management…I’m gonna ask Coach tomorrow. Sports management or if they don’t then I’m just gonna major in a business management or something like that.


Q: When I watch you play, you play ferociously. You’re not afraid of anything. Where does that ferociousness come from?


A: You know what, I’ve been playing since I was about 5 years old. My whole life my dad has been there for me and he’s always taught me how to play. I’ll tell you, it comes from him. He’s taught me everything that I know about this game. He was my coach up until I was in 8th grade. Growing up, him being my coach, we always used to do that drill where somebody has the ball and the whole team has to tackle him. I was on the one side of the field and then everybody would be chasing me and I’d turn around and I’d run right into the circle and just try to hit as many people as I can. It’s just always been me. That’s always what I’ve wanted to do. That’s why I love defense so much, because I’m able to hit people. I’m able to do whatever I want, take all my anger out on one person if I need to. I just love doing it. It’s the game and there’s no other game like it.


Q: Personally, you’re certainly not the persona that you give off on the football field. You’re almost bipolar.


A: Yeah, you can say that. You can make that assumption.


Q: You remind me of that office linebacker in those beer commercials, just the way you hit people. I love to watch you hit, Chris.


A: That guy that’s in that YouTube thing. That’s hilarious.


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