Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

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Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…


Hondo, you fat piece of sh**. I fu**ing hate your fat guts. Why in the world would a media person who covers Michigan State fu**ing wish Lawrence Marshall well when he picked UM over MSU. Fu** off and I hope you die a** hole. Alan

Does this mean I won’t get a Christmas card from you updating me on all the cool changes you made this year to Mom’s basement? Give me a break. I cover and get to know many of these young men. MSU wanted him. He is a good player and a better young man. Do I personally wish he had picked MSU? I sure do, but he made the decision that he thought was best for him. I wished him well. If you want me to hate a teenager because of the school he picked, you sir need to follow a different media member. One player doesn’t make a program.


Hondo, I have heard you a few times in the last month on your radio show say that you thought Lawrence Marshall was going to pick UM. Why was everyone shocked? Grace

Not sure Grace. I can say that I have had recruits tell me one thing and do another before. That is why I never go on what they say unless I have built a relationship and know them and if what they say is accurate. I was not shocked. Lawrence really liked Coach Dantonio and Narduzzi. He made the choice that he felt was best for him.


Hondo, I am depressed. How do we lose so many recruits to Northwestern? Now Dareian Watkins picks Northwestern over Michigan State? Losing kids to Alabama or Ohio State hurts, but you can justify it. You can’t justify losing to Northwestern and we are. Mike in Carmel

MSU has lost several battles with Northwestern, Mike. They have also won more than their fair share. If you are a young man who is more focused on post football, their academic side is very appealing. If you want the big city, Chicago is slightly bigger than East Lansing. If you want to get away from home or maybe it is close that plays into the equation. So many things go into recruiting. Losing kids to Northwestern isn’t a killer to me. They certainly win more with the Cats than they lose. That is a good clean program and that will happen. MSU has got a lot of Illinois talent so far in 2014 that Northwestern wanted; same as last year. I am sure some of their fans wonder how MSU can come in and take Illinois kids.


Hondo Carpenter, you are a fat tube of fu**ing lard. I hope you take a big bite of a hot dog you fat fu** and choke and die. You are not a Spartan. Anyone that can applaud a kid picking the Wolverines over Michigan State is a sell out and a piece of fu**ing trash. Kevin

Have a great summer.


Hondo, as the reports came out that Lawrence Marshall picked UM this weekend I thought of something. You were very open and direct about MSU failing to capitalize on the back to back 11 win seasons with recruiting. You also hammered on MSU and the budgets for football. If MSU is not going to fully fund football and really compete for a Big Ten title, I am not going to buy tickets and continue to support a program that settles for mediocrity. Alex

Alex, MSU is at a crossroads. I have reported on this extensively. I do believe, in fact I know, that MSU internally realizes they have issues. I would wait and see what happens in the next year before you do anything rash. The MSU Board of Trustees must act, or be held responsible.  Trust Hollis and let’s see.


Hondo, you Tweeted that Big Ten schools are recruiting against MSU because they are not fully funding football. You also mentioned that Michigan State doesn’t even have a full time recruiting coordinator. Can you please explain? We have Brad Salem? Pete

Pete, those are great questions. Brad Salem is the QB coach. On a part time basis he is the recruiting coordinator. The NCAA has made a ruling that you are allowed a full time recruiting coordinator and that a staff can hire and have that expert be the person whose entire job is organizing the recruiting process. MSU does not have that person and they do not have the budget to do it. MSU has the money for the full allotment of scholarships. That part is fully funded, but they do not have the money to recruit nationally as I have written about extensively, and when they make decisions on staff, they have to take coaches that they can “FIT” financially rather than who they want. I know for a fact of good coaches, great coaches MSU could have had that they could not afford. There are several other areas like the recruiting coordinator that they can’t fill because of dollars.


Hondo, you have written about MSU football in trouble because of funding issues. You have wrote about it a lot. I laughed at you when you hammered on Hollis and his pay as well as the assistant football coaches. Both came true. I worry about MSU football now. Do you worry about consequences when it comes to saying that stuff? Russ

No. Consequences for telling the truth? We said the Big Ten was going to expand, took grief, and it did. We broke that when Jim Delany said expansion was over, that it wasn’t. We were right. We said Hollis would be the next AD and he was. I can go on and on. I was told after Tweeting about other schools and Big Ten schools using the lack of a recruiting coordinator against MSU, to point out MSU failing to fully fund and make football a priority from a senior MSU administrator.  They told me, “I know people don’t want to hear this, but thank you. We must look hard at, and reevaluate and fix how we fund football. If we don’t, being in the Big Ten East is a death sentence. We will be irrelevant in five seasons and every season will become not a battle for the Rose Bowl, but for the toilet bowl. No model works at MSU without football winning and winning big. Despite his public stance, why would Hollis stay if his legacy would be that he stayed here, while being well under paid and oversaw the demise of Spartan athletics? If we don’t take a football first focus like the Big four in PSU, OSU, UM and Nebraska we are sunk. It is time for the Board of Trustees to empower Hollis to look at every way revenue is syphoned off of athletics and let him come up with a master plan. One that they and the President stay out of and tell him to make it happen and lead. I know people don’t want to hear it, but thank you.”


Hondo, I am not calling you a liar or even misinformed. What I am questioning is that you say MSU football is not fully funded, yet we keep doing all of these amazing facility upgrades. Thomas

Great question and I have no problem being questioned. I am not perfect. Your question is one I get often. MSU has done major upgrades. The stadium boxes and press box is paid from the new revenue it generates so that paid for itself. As far as the football building, that was all done by donations. That was paid by generous donors. Let me take this farther. Spartan Nation broke the story about the north end improvements. We also said that they were going to have a shovel in the ground as soon as the season was over. That was the plan. Here is the problem and how it illustrates exactly the issues. That project hasn’t started because the donations dried up after a disappointing 2012 season. After back to back 11 win seasons MSU assumed the wins would keep coming and money would flow. They had a bad year and the money didn’t keep flowing nor did the wins. The entire project is roughly 20 million dollars. They have raised roughly half of that. MSU has no choice; they will get killed in recruiting even more if they wait much longer to start it. The plan is to push forward and borrow to finish it, but it was a classic example of how tough seasons like this past year dry up donations. Hollis’s plan is to push forward, borrow, and get it built, but that will strain the athletic department even more. If MSU does nothing to change the funding of football to keep it on course to compete for B1G titles every year, last year will be a good year. Donations will dry up and they are in deep trouble. MSU must look at all the revenue models and change. Quick.


Hondo, you are fat. If you want to congratulate kids for picking Michigan please start covering them. You are stupid fu**ing retard. Derek

Shalom Bro! Nice to see that you aren’t letting political correctness impact you, although having class may be a different story.


Hondo, you mentioned on the radio show before Brady Hoke came to the Breslin Center that you would tell us a funny story about he and Dantonio leading up to his arrival. Have you shared it or can you now? Sheldon

Hi Sheldon. I have shared it on the show, but let me do it again here. Prior to that game, both Brady Hoke and Mark Dantonio had been together at the Big Ten football coaches’ meetings in Chicago. Although certainly competitive, both Brady and Mark have a good relationship. When Hoke mentioned to Dantonio that he was thinking about it, Dantonio was very honest about the reception that Hoke would get from the Izzone. Hoke showed some steel and showed up. Dantonio, in a friendly way, warned him, but he stayed until the very end even with a big blow out.


Hondo, have you predicted the record for MSU football yet this year? Greg

No, and after last season who cares what I think. I had done well the previous years, but I was horrible in 2012. This isn’t my “OFFICIAL” pick yet, but just off the cuff I saw 9-3. I have a lot more research on other teams to do first.




OK everyone, there you go. Our weekly Q/A article. If you would like your email to be considered for this article, please add to the subject line Football Q/A. Email me at


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  1. Pete May 14, 2013 at 7:59 pm #

    So long as guys like Marshall think they’re going to walk in and play at a premium venue and some other 4 star kid is going to sit, it will be hard to for MSU or any other 2nd tier school to compete with the big boys. Stupid is as stupid does. Marshall will have to make the transition to LB to be a player and I’m not sure he can. Since intelligence is apparently the least important requirement for college athletes, let’s hope the NCAA cuts the scholarship allowance by 20 some day. It would help kids and it would be interesting to see who the real coaches are if the talent is closer to even.

    Then again, Dantonio exploits the weakness of these kids, too. How many wide receivers, DBs, and linebackers can you play? Why does he insist on over-recruiting these positions year after year when he’s full up and supposedly “too nice a guy” to tell a kid to leave? We sure don’t have too many quality offensive linemen! Is his reputation as a “position coach” more important than wasting 4 years of a kid’s eligibility? The worst part is that, if all of these guys have great “potential” but no one stands out, the guy who plays is the guy who some coach made a promise to, not the “best player”. The fans have every right to bicker about who’s playing.

    I said this once. I’ll say it again. When Dantonio had an opening for an OC, he could have got a young up-and-comer who appealed to recruits and parents and knew something about the pro game. U of M has two old geezers at the OC and DC spots, MSU should be selecting guys who are less experienced but faster thinkers and talkers. What does MD do? He goes and gets a guy who is just as old the U of M guys, has a less impressive resume, and has a hard time talking because his dentures don’t fit well. Yes, there is a contrast between them and us, and it’s not in our favor. Thanks, MD. You really don’t know how to put a program on the map and that’s why you’re not getting any extra money.

    MSU is going to have to “go out into the highways and byways” and find players if they’re even going to compete with the Iowas and Northwesterns, let alone U of M. Go to Canada. Go to England. Go to Swartz Creek. Until MSU has the reputation of being a team that is administered and coached by bright guys, you won’t get the kids on the bubble and, right now, every decent high school player we recruit is on the bubble from the first time he lays eyes on us. There aren’t enough Catholic high schools in Ohio to make up for what MD is losing because of his “old school” approach.

  2. Terence May 15, 2013 at 6:50 am #

    I am absolutely floored at all of the negative remarks towards Hondo about Marshall’s commitment to U of M. I completely understand that it hurts to lose such a great player to our biggest rival, but that does not nearly justify this absurd reactions I have witnessed over the past few days. Marshall is a STUDENT athlete who made the decision that he felt was best for him. It should ALWAYS be about the student, and we must support them through whatever opposition we may have with his choice. Have we become so selfish and self-absorbed that we have lost sight of this? I hope people wake up from the delusional ideology that these young players are disposable tools, and start looking at them like the human-beings they are. They each have difficult choices to make, but its about THEM not US. Thanks for your work, Hondo!

  3. Guy Jenkins May 16, 2013 at 11:36 pm #


    People who email you and call your names based on your opinions are classless. don’t bother to list their questions.

    Guy Jenkins

  4. grant May 17, 2013 at 8:00 pm #


    I love the football and basketball e-mail question articles but please just omit the obscene ones. We all know jerks exist but extra examples do not really enlighten us, where your answers to extra real questions might.

    Additionally, my son likes to read your posts and I would prefer limit his exposure to such language.