Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

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Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…


Good day Hondo. I was wondering about DeAnthony Arnett. He was for all intents and purposes a bust last season. Could you give me any idea why they didn’t redshirt him if they weren’t going to use him more? Chris is South Carolina

Great question Chris and I can tell you that in talking to my colleagues there isn’t one player more polarizing on the team right now than Arnett. To be blunt, Arnett should have red-shirted. Looking back, Coach Dantonio knows that. Coach Roushar and Coach Samuel both told Dantonio that. Dantonio had done a lot to help Arnett and his (Dantonio’s) perception of Tennessee football was what it used to be and not what it had become. It was logical to assume that even though DeAnthony Arnett’s role was limited with the Volunteers, the fact he had a role as a true freshman was impressive. It proved to be a wrong perception. Looking back with hindsight that is always 20/20, Dantonio made a mistake in not listening to his coaches.


Hi Hondo. I was curious that after the spring game DeAnthony Arnett had if we can finally put him in the starting role and leave him where he belongs. Patrick

No. We are not allowed to be specific with details on things that we see in practice Patrick so I must paint with a wide brush. DeAnthony did make some great catches in the spring game, but still had a poor spring when I was allowed to watch, and when I talked with those inside the program, including his biggest supporters, they concur for when I wasn’t there. DeAnthony has to spend a ton of time catching the ball on the jug machines, watching film, learning the play book, and executing his responsibilities on each play.


Hondo, I was wondering with DeAnthony Arnett being drafted last in the 2012 spring draft and like ninth this year, if that should tell us something? Coaches do not determine that, it is your teammates. Martin

Yes, it should be very telling.


Hondo, with such a backlog of wide outs, is it safe to assume that we may see a transfer? Keith in Novi

I think it is safe to assume that two of them are strongly considering that. I am not prepared to say right now that two are going for sure. I am prepared to tell you that I am aware of two that are taking a long hard look at it.


Hondo, I was intrigued when I was listening to the radio show after the bowl game, you talked about Mike Sadler getting surgery on his kicking, non-punting knee. Never heard that. I noticed this spring he didn’t kick and then heard you ask Coach. Could you give some more detail please? Monica

Sure will Monica. Mike was recruited heavily by everyone. LSU, Bama, and I even broke the story on signing day eve with USC and Lane Kiffin. He plants for punting on the leg he kicks with. A left footed punter and a right footed kicker. He wrecked his plant knee very early in the season last year and many thought he should have had surgery then. He gutted it out with pain meds and had a great year. He did have surgery after the season and depending on how it heals may need more just to clean up scar tissue. There was no reason to risk it this spring, but with the MSU kicking woes Dantonio has already said he will get a shot in the fall if need be. Sadler is a great kicker. I have personally watched him nail kickoffs THROUGH THE UPRIGHTS and make field goals of 60+ yards.


Hondo, I caught the radio show late one night back in late February or early March. You were discussing Will Gholston and his leaving. You referenced Shilique Calhoun’s role in that. I have listened many times hoping to catch you elaborating on that and haven’t heard you. Could you please fill me in? Cliff

Sure will Cliff. As you know I have a strong appreciation and respect for Will. If you go back and watch the film (watch the BWW Bowl) you will see in several key sequences, as the season progressed, Will was on the sideline and Shilique was playing. Will loves MSU, but part of the reason that I said it was good for him to go when he did is because he would have been in a dogfight with Calhoun for his job. There wasn’t any guarantee that he would have had the job and his minutes for sure were going to drop if he won it or not. Will is a special person, but with the rise of Calhoun it was in Will’s best interest.


Hondo, do you think that the growth of Riley Bullough and the three freshmen coming in will motivate Nick Tompkins, Nick Hill, and Jeremy Langford? George in Okemos

George, I do not think that motivation is the issue. None of them could get any reps last year of any significance, let along keep a KR or PR job. Tompkins got some strong looks at KR and may stick there, but I will be stunned, as will others key in the program, if Langford or Hill get significant meaningful reps in the fall. Could they? Absolutely, but with a short window to prepare I expect Riley and the freshman to get a ton. Hill and Langford had a golden opportunity to separate themselves this spring. There was separation, but it was them going backwards. You win jobs in the spring and neither did that. Talking with players and coaches it was ABUNDANTLY clear that Riley and the freshmen are where the MSU RB situation is going.


Hondo, will we ever see Darien Harris with his hands on the ball in an offensive capacity when he isn’t returning an interception or running back a fumble? He is from out my way and a great explosive player. James in Boston

First of all, James I hope you know that not only the Spartan Nation, but our entire nation stands with Boston and we are praying for you and your city. Secondly, he did get a good look at KR with Nick Tompkins this spring and that would be a great look. With Denicos out, Harris played very good this spring. With the rise of Riley Bullough they didn’t need him there. You are right, he has special talent with the ball and I love the KR idea.


OK everyone, there you go. Our weekly Q/A article. If you would like your email to be considered for this article, please add to the subject line Football Q/A. Email me at


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  1. Stone May 2, 2013 at 10:45 am #

    So is there any chance Arnett could Red Shirt this year?

  2. Pete May 2, 2013 at 10:32 pm #

    MD likes to play head games and the RB situation is an elegant one. Does anybody think that Riley was seriously considered to be a tailback in the fall? You should have your head examined. Riley was put back there to reduce the reps the other guys got so that the true freshmen, or more accurately, a true freshman, can walk in and “win” the job. If you must know who it is, I’ll give you a clue; he signed late and he’s from Pennsylvania. If MD was really interested in finding a player on his roster who could excel at RB, it would be Harris who is fast enough and tough enough to play the position. Riley will graciously step aside when the time comes for the obvious reason that he does not have the speed to play RB. Never did. Never will.

    Wide receiver is another position that is equally screwed up by design. Who should be playing out there? We’ll never know. The starters drop three for every one drop by a second or third teamer. Does that make the second or third teamers worse than the first teamers? I don’t know. I do know the first team players struggle to catch, don’t block any better than anyone else, and don’t get off the line or adjust well. Fowler, in particular, plays like he is saving himself for another day and, apparently, that’s good enough for MD. It doesn’t help that our quarterbacks throw “nose-down” fastballs almost all of the time and don’t seem to be able to recognize situations where getting the ball where the receiver can grab it is all you need to do and is the right thing to do.

    The real polarizing issue on the team is the fact that the Oline can’t block anyone. Who recruited these guys and why is the entire make-up of the offense held hostage by this one area of ineptitude that the SN doesn’t want to talk about? Does anyone think you can win games without having a “home run threat” in the backfield? Has everyone forgotten how Edwin Baker got crushed every time he touched the ball his junior season? Bell’s short yardage success covered the fact that we had no way of scoring apart from long, time consuming touchdown drives which, in the modern game, makes it tough to keep up with teams that don’t have to score that way.