Star Red Shirt Freshman S Demetrious Cox Tells You How He improved This Spring

Q: Are you getting better all the time like you’re supposed to in spring?

A: Yeah, I feel like I’m getting alot better every day. I feel like I’m getting better.

Q: In what areas?

A: My coverage. I feel like I’m a lot better at covering safety this year than I was as a freshman. I just know the defense. I know the scheme of the defense better. Red shirting was a good move for me.

Q: How come?

A: It just gives you more time to reflect on things, sit back and actually learn rather than trying to pick things up too fast. You do it at a slower pace, learn things. Actually recognize what the defense is trying to do.

Q: Demetrious, you were known in high school as a big hitter. Have you delivered any big licks this spring?

A: This spring? I delivered a couple. I’m still trying to make plays. I’m trying to make big plays.

Q: How have you gotten better this spring from the start till now?

A: When other guys are coming along slower, they ask you what they’re doing on certain plays. So that kind helps you learn things better when you’re teaching. I think I’m learning the plays and the scheme of defense a lot better.

Q: The big plays in the scrimmages… Was that more about the types of plays they were calling or the quarterbacks reading the defense?

A: I think the quarterbacks have been doing a better job keeping the ball away from us. Guys just gotta make plays. It’ll come from camp and all that.

Q: There was a big emphasis at the start of spring about forcing more fumbles. Have you guys been able to do that?

A: Yeah, we’ve been definitely forcing a lot more fumbles. But we gotta put it in the game. It doesn’t matter now.

Q: I know you red shirted, but do you feel like a rookie or do you feel like a veteran?

A: I feel like I’ve been here for longer…for years.

Q: What are some of the important things that you’ve done to improve and be ready to play?

A: Really just being able to cover and play at a fast pace defensively.

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