MSU DC Pat Narduzzi Sums Up His Thoughts as Spartans Depart Spring Practice

Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard

MSU DC Pat Narduzzi Sums Up His Thoughts as Spartans Depart Spring Practice

Q: Are you proud of your defense scoring today?

A: Yeah, I guess. The other side. But we just look at it as overall scrimmage. I thought we did a pretty good job of stopping the run at times. Still gave up some loose plays here and there. Hopefully we don’t have that problem next fall when we get all our guys on one side.

Q: Anyone stand out to you individually on either team?

A: No, it’s so hard. I’m standing on the sideline. I don’t get to see real well. I couldn’t tell you stat-wise what people did and what they made. But we’ll see the tape.

Q: This one game doesn’t make the spring, but now that spring is complete what are you most pleased with about your defense?

A: I’m pleased with the way they came out and practiced with an attitude every day. That’s all you can ask for. They came out and practiced hard, kids came out and gave us everything. And that’s the thing…the attitude, the intensity, the defense we’ve come out with. We’ll be okay.

Q: Are there some guys that you think maybe helped themselves more than anybody this spring?

A: Jairus Jones and Trae Waynes have had two spectacular spring practices. I think they were tremendous the entire spring and they’re really gonna help make a bigger impact for our defense net year. I could probably name another ten guys. We’ll find out next fall.

Q: Are you concerned about Ezra?

A: He’s got a little nick but he’s gonna be fine. So really not a concern there. He got a little twisted ankle, but he’ll be fine. So overall I think we came out pretty healthy.

Q: We were joking that the team fell behind the day with the defensive scores. Is that kind of what you were looking for?

A: Well, for a defense I guess. It was good to see those. I don’t know who threw them, or dropped them, or were blocked for them or didn’t block for them. But as you sit here as a defense coach or a head coach you obviously wanna see a cleaner game than that. I don’t wanna see any turnovers for touchdowns, personally, when we’re playing against each other. But I wanna see them against our opponents for sure.

Q: As far as the Bullough to Bullough play, how much practice was actually put in?

A: I think they rep’d that exactly zero times. That was obviously the highlight of the day, Bullough to Bullough. Riley did a good job of running the ball today. I was happy to see him as one of our defensive guys step up and help the offense out. I think he can help us, with what I saw today, help us next year as well.

Q: Do you feel like he’s gonna be on that side of the ball or can you tell at this point?

A: Well, right now I would say yes. I think he can make an impact over there right now. We got a guy named Max playing our middle linebacker spot. Unless Max needs a blow, we’re trying to get our best players on offense and defense and it looks like he can help us out.

Q: Do you feel like you’re gonna use Max on the offense after that one?

A: To tell you the truth, I don’t care. As long as we score, I could care less who plays.

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