Emerging MSU Football Star CB Trae Waynes Talks About His Development

A: They like to coach you as well. So if they see you do something wrong they’ll try to help you out and correct you as well.

Q: Did you prove yourself at the bowl game, or did you already know that you could do it?

A: I knew I could do it. But like you said, I had to prove it to myself cause I’d never played in that atmosphere before, that big of a game. It was something I had to prove to myself as well. Even the people here, they were like, Show us why we brought you here. So I felt like they were testing me as well.

Q: So you know with Johnny out they were gonna test you, so what’s that like going in a marked man? An unknown? They can’t hide you.

A: It’s definitely nerve-wracking. We try to hide guys’ injuries as much as possible. Knowing that they’ll be coming at you, you gotta make plays.

Q: Was there one play where you were like, They took a shot at me. Bring another one. I’m fine now. Was there a moment like that?

A: There was never really an exact moment but it’s always been like that since I was little. I’m always nervous. I get a couple plays out and then I’m fine. So I guess it’s just like once I get going I’ll be fine.

Q: There was a play, like a 3rd down running play on your side. You were on the field side, weren’t you? You had to take someone on, put your nose in there and force the punt. Do you remember that? You showed some toughness there. You looked like a veteran corner taking on a rough play at a crucial moment. Do you remember that play, how it developed?

A: As the game went on it was more like I just gotta play. You can’t really think about it too much, you just gotta make plays. That’s just what they teach us.

Q: You got off the block or made first contact on the ball, was that what it was?

A: I don’t know.

Q: What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned in the last year?

A: Definitely plays and a lot of technique. That’s something they always stress. You can’t play if you don’t know the plays. That’s one thing I focus on.

Q: People got pretty used to Johnny Adams. What’s the difference between the way he plays corner and the way you play?

A: Probably experience, definitely. We were close to the same size but he had a lot of experience on me. So he knew the game a lot better than I did. I’m just trying to catch up to him.

Q: Are you the fastest guy on this team? Are you faster than Bennie Fowler?

A: Close. It’s close. It would be interesting to see.

Q: But you wouldn’t mind racing him?

A: I don’t back down from competition, so…

Q: Are you the fastest guy on the defense? Are you the fastest guy on the secondary?

A: That’s between me and Quez for sure. Quez was a big-time runner at Georgia. So it’s between me and him, easy.

Q: What was your 40 time?

A: 4.34. I ran a 4.34, and then he ran 4.36, then I ran a 4.35 and then he ran a 4.34. We were pretty close.

Q: What was Bennie Fowler’s 40 time?

A: Oh, I don’t know. That’s all I’m gonna say.

Q: So in terms of ability to recover, recovery speed. Was that your greatest asset?

A: Yeah, I think it was. But definitely now I’m playing the line I got a lot more patience. Coach Barton mentioned that as well to me. Recovery speed…

Q: People knew you could run. They figured that out. But last year nobody talked about you as a guy that’s gonna come up and make plays. What’s changed?

A: I feel like I’ve gotten a lot more physical than last year. I always felt like I come up and make plays.

Q: How’d you do that? How’d you get more physical?

A: Getting in the weight room. Getting in the weights and stuff like that.

Q: You were thin last year.

A: Yeah, I’m probably 182 right now.

Q: What were you a year ago?

A: 170-something.

Q: You were 170, really? You weren’t in the 160’s?

A: Yeah. Nah, I was maybe low 175.

Q: You gained more than that.

A: Yeah, but spring ball’s a lot of running so it’s hard to gain weight. But after this I wanna get to at least 185.

Q: The weight you’ve gained, you’ve gained it all over? Primarily your upper body? Legs bigger?

A: My legs have always been small. I’ms ure they got a lot bigger…

Q: Like track legs.

A: Yeah, like my dad. He had bigger legs. But I definitely gained it in upper body, that’s for sure.

Q: Besides Bennie Fowler, who’s the receivers who give you the most difficulty

A: They’re all pretty good but I’d probably say DeAnthony, MacGarrett, AJ Troup. A lot of the senior guys. They’re all pretty tough.

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