Hondo, who writes Mark Dantonio’s Twitter?  I love having his information, but I am certain he doesn’t do it.  Carol

Carol, I wondered the same thing, but he actually does it.  I think it is a great move on his part.


Hondo, have you talked to Coach Gill since he and Dantonio parted ways?  Mike Stephens

Yes, I have.  He is actively looking for a new job and doing fine.


Hondo, I love all of your rewind articles looking back at each player Dantonio has brought in.  Is there a number or percentage to gauge a class as successful or not after the fact?  Darlewin

Yes.  When a class has run out of eligibility you want 75% to have been starters and significant contributors.


Hondo, I was watching ESPNU all day on signing day.  I was shocked to hear that players can’t email their letter of intent; they have to fax it only.  Has that ever hurt MSU?  Sounds dumb to me.  Kevin Jones

It is.  A few years back MSU had a recruit from Lansing and we were hit with a blizzard.  The coach came to the Duffy to give Coach D the signed NLI of his player and they couldn’t take it.  The school didn’t have power, so the coach had to go to a Kinkos to fax it.  It is dumb.


The O-Line was making the same mistakes at the end of 2012 as they were making at the beginning of 2012.  Do you think that Staten is still with this team because the injuries last year provided him cover for the poor coaching that went on, or does he still have a job more as a side effect of Coach D’s loyalty trumping all else?  Percival in Indianapolis

I would make a joke about your name, BUT I am a Hondo so we will set that aside.  Coach Staten is a great guy.  I like him very much.  I know for a fact he is a super husband and father, great recruiter, and a great person.  The OL and the OL coaching are struggling.  I think calling it “Cover” is too harsh.  He is here because Mark Dantonio wants him.


Hondo, Thanks for all the great work. You have pinpointed OL coaching as the missing lynchpin to MSU having a successful offense. The question is has Coach Dantonio come to the same conclusion? I am disappointed that this seems to be the one area that has gotten worse since the John L. Smith era. Thanks, Nathan

Mark Dantonio watches tape.  He is a great football mind.  You can’t watch the Spartans and not see plainly the struggles of the OL.  His conclusions are for him to elaborate on and not mine.  I can’t speak for him and don’t want to.  I am certain that a lot of energy will be spent this off season to improve every part of the team, OL included.  I think every year is a make or break year for every assistant.  I would agree that the OL of last year was worse than the JLS era.  Some will argue that injuries hurt MSU and they certainly did, BUT not one of those that filled in was a true freshman.  Many had starts under their belt.  The staff recruited them and the staff is responsible for coaching them up.  No excuses.  Next man up.  As far as OL being the only problem I disagree with that.


Hondo, I can’t wait for your end of year.  I know it comes out in February, can you tell me when? Matt Kico

It was coming Feb 12-14.  It will be out Feb 21-23.  I had to push it off one week.  There will be no further changes. 


Hondo, how can a coach improve in the off season to make an impact in the fall? Or maybe a better question is what do coaches do to improve themselves? Ralph in Grand Rapids

Often coaches will go and visit with other schools to pick their brain.  They can watch ungodly amounts of film from other schools.  I am confident that Mark Dantonio will do what he thinks his staff needs to do to improve.  We shall see the impact or lack thereof in 2013.


Hondo, I attended a celebrity basketball game that you played in against the Dwarf team.  It was great.  While I was waiting for you, T.J. Duckett, and Devin Thomas to get autographs I heard part of your conversation.  I thought I heard T.J. tell Devin that you helped him get his last two NFL jobs.  Is that true?  Can you tell us more?  Kris

Kris, it is true and no I don’t want to tell more.  I will say that I am blessed to have some great friends who work in the NFL.  I may have helped, but T.J. has the talent and skill that made him wanted.  Thanks for coming to the game.


OK everyone, there you go.  Our weekly Q/A article.  If you would like your email to be considered for this article, please add to the subject line Football Q/A.  Email me at SpartanNationMail@yahoo.com

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