Rewind Look at the 2010 Michigan State Football Recruiting Class

Max Bullough is not only the star of his class, but has an opportunity to be an ICON at MSU when he is done.  Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard. Max Bullough is not only the star of his class, but has an opportunity to be an ICON at MSU when he is done. Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard.

Rewind of the 2010 Football Recruiting Class

1. Max Bullough MLB 6’3” 233# Traverse City, MI: Original class ranking: #2 Bullough is coveted by the pros and never even spent more than two seconds thinking about leaving early.  Forget the best player in his class, he might be the best in his family with a chance to leave MSU as an ICONIC figure.

2. LeVeon Bell RB 6’2” 221# Reynoldsburg, OH: Original class ranking: #21 Bell had no real choice but to leave early.  A great football player and a better young man.

3. Darqueze Dennard 5’11” 170# Dry Branch, GA: Original class ranking: #20 Dennard is a  playmaker who had NFL scouts excited about the chance he would turn pro after the 2012 season.  He didn’t and along with Bullough & Isaiah Lewis will lead a potent MSU D in 2013.

4. Marcus Rush DE 6’3” 238# Cincinnati, OH: Original class ranking: #10 If you crave consistency over a 13 or 14 game season, Rush has outperformed his much more hyped DE teammate Will Gholston.  He is consistent and he is a star.  His mild demeanor does not draw the attention of others, but his talent does.

5. Isaiah Lewis S 5’11” 193# Indianapolis, IN: Original class ranking: #5 Lewis is on course to move UP this list.  Lewis is another young man who had the chance to go pro early and didn’t entertain it or spend much time deliberating.  Great kid, great player. 

6. William Gholston DE/LB 6’8” 239# Detroit, MI: Original class ranking: #1 Gholston had a good career at MSU.  There will always be a “What if” question about him.  Struggled with consistency, but when engaged is unstoppable.  His best games came in the bowls and those get the most attention.  He left early for the NFL.

7. Mike Sadler P/K 6’1” 188” Grand Rapids, MI: Original class ranking: #3 We took a lot of criticism for ranking Sadler this high, but he has proven to be the best punter in the nation for the 2010 class and also will have a great and long NFL career, if he chooses to go that way.  Sadler was injured for most of the 2012 season even though the public was not aware.  Played on one leg and had successfully surgery after this past year.  His moving from #3 to #7 is not based on his performance, but on those behind him playing up.

8. Kurtis Drummond S 6’2” 201# Masury, OH: Original class ranking: #11 Drummond makes plays.  Has to fight through injuries, but there is no doubt when he is on the field the Spartans are in good hands.  He is a player with NFL potential.  He has to live up to it.

9. Travis Jackson G 6’4” 278# New Albany, OH: Original class ranking: #8 So versatile and mobile, Jackson has a chance to be special.  OL coaching is not helping him, but his work ethic is.  He has to remain healthy to move up.  If he can stay healthy there is no doubt he will.

10. Anthony Rashad White DT 6’2” 316# Battle Creek, MI: Original class ranking: #16 White will battle to earn a NFL roster spot.  A terrific young man, he now moves on from MSU.

11. Keith Mumphery WR 6’1” 202# Vienna, GA: Original class ranking: #7 Mumphery shows all of the tools to be a NFL player.  He came on in 2012 to show glimpses of greatness.  He has all the God given tools, he must now become consistent.

12. Skyler (Schofner) Burkland OT 6’7” 281# Sunbury, OH: Original class ranking: #4 Schofner has size; he must now find a way to play injury free.  He has NFL talent and ability, he has to put it together.

13. Tony Lippett WR 6’3” 191# Detroit, MI: Original class ranking: #15 The playmaker who does not like contact.  He is lightning quick, but struggles to move from good to great because of consistency issues.  He could be #1 on this list if he finds a way to play at a high level all the time.

14. Nick Hill RB 5’6” 185” Chelsea, MI: Original class ranking: #12 A great talent and a super kid he was brought in to return kicks and punts and by the midway point of last year was doing neither.

15. Jeremy Langford RB/WR 6’ 188# Wayne, MI: Original class ranking: #13 This is the second biggest disappointment of the class.  He is big, powerful, strong, fast and so many other adjectives.  Langford is his own worst enemy.  Jeremy missed a golden opportunity this past year to earn a spot behind LeVeon.  Will that cost him in 2013 or will his coaches give him one last chance to earn a spot?  If they do will he step up and take it?

16. Niko Palazeti FB 6’2” 244# Northville, MI: Original class ranking: #17 Niko has to stay healthy.  That is his nemesis.

17. Mylan Hicks CB 5’11” 186# Detroit, MI: Original class ranking: #9 Mylan came in with a lot of promise and grit. He simply has not done enough to win a spot. Mylan Hicks came in with so much promise and talent and have yet to pan out.  He is the BIGGEST DISSAPOINTMENT in this class.  There is NO EXCUSE for Hicks to be this low.  Blessed with so much talent, it is an outrage.  Can HE turn that around?

 18. Michael Dennis OT 6’7” 275# Carey, OH: Original class ranking: #18 Dennis is a player that some would call a bust.  I disagree.  Again the MSU OL coaching has yet to develop him.  They wanted him, they recruited him and he has the intangibles.  It is time for Dennis to step up this off season and turn a light on. 

Not with the program

Justin Wilson LB 6’ 221# Davie, FL

Joe Boisture QB 6’6” 211# Saline, MI

Taylor Calero DE 6’3” 235# Beverly Hills, MI

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