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Hondo, I was told by someone who works in athletics that Joe Seumalo is a candidate for the MSU DL coaching job?  What would you think of him?  Tim Bates

Tim, I will not spend time evaluating him.  He isn’t a candidate at all.  Not sure where that person even got his name, but with 100% assurance I can tell you that he isn’t even part of the equation at all.


Hondo, I am hearing that Mark Dantonio is going to have a press conference on Monday to announce the new DL coach.  Who is it?  Matt Corrigan

Matt, not sure where that came from, but it is 100% false.  Coach D has spent significant time on the road, and a decision AND the announcement will come AFTER signing day, which is on Wednesday.


Hondo, have you heard any names for Coach Gills’ old job?  Seth T.

Yes.  Spartan Nation has identified five men who have applied and are under serious consideration.  We are gathering information carefully.  I am not going to identify them at this time for one reason.   We did that when Mark Dantonio was searching for candidates to fill the vacant job that Dan Enos left when he went to CMU to become head coach.  The first candidate we identified was not very far along in the process.  His head coach was unaware of his interest.  We did identify Brad Salem because he was a head coach and thus, his own boss.

I can assure you that we are getting information on an ongoing basis for each of them to give to you the best idea of what MSU would be getting.


Hondo, do you know what the max amount of scholarships Mark Dantonio will give out on signing day or is he done with 17 for this class, plus the transfer?  Stephen Schiebner

Steve, he could go as high as 20, plus the transfer.  He has given some scholarships to some players FOR THE SPRING ONLY that he could give out and not make permanent.


Hondo, are the coaches turning a lot of their attention to 2014?  Is 2013 done?  Carlos

Carlos, I wouldn’t say done, but I would say the hay is in the barn.  There are some guys that have offers and MSU would take, but the hunt is on for 2014.


Hondo, who is the best recruiter on the MSU staff among the assistants?  Brock

Pat Narduzzi.


Hondo, do you think it was right for Mark Dantonio to fire Ted Gill?  I follow Jerel Worthy, Larry Caper, and some other players and it doesn’t seem the players were happy with it.  Bob Stevenson

Each and every coach should have the right to hire and fire whomever they choose.  Is it my opinion that Coach Dantonio each and every season should evaluate every part of his staff and upgrade when possible?  Yes, it is.  Do I think he can upgrade DL and other places on his staff?  Yes, I do.  Would I have “Parted ways” with some others?  Yes, I would have.  Ultimately, the staff is Dantonio’s obligation.  If he refuses to upgrade or make changes, then if those positions continue to perform poorly next year, the blame IS NOT on those coaches.  The blame rests on Coach Dantonio who didn’t move on.


Hondo, is the fact that we can recruit great football players on defense every season and offensive players we have to develop on the offensive line because Narduzzi is such a great recruiter?  Kent Welch

Kent, the success of the MSU D in recruiting is directly correlated to the success of the D on the field.  The struggles of the OL are what have hindered that.  High profile OL recruits are hammered from other schools that every position on the football field (11 offense/11 defense) has been drafted under Mark Dantonio EXCEPT offensive line.  One high profile BCS coach told a MSU OL recruit, “That can’t happen with the success they have had under Coach Dantonio.  Running a pro set they should be turning them out like toys in the north pole.”  He is right.  MSU has some quality players.  Their being developed is the issue.  Even if a change was made in coaching, MSU is far behind the eight ball and will have to develop a few to change that reputation.


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  1. arnold weinfeld February 3, 2013 at 11:27 am #

    Nice job of telling it like it is, as always. Thanks for your insights and professionalism Hondo.