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Hondo, what’s the deal with Costello and no playing time? Doug

When MSU decided not to red shirt him they forced themselves into a corner.  You can’t waste a season with minutes.  That would be shameful.  I have to say that Izzo has been manufacturing minutes for him and I think what he is getting now is fine.


Hondo, If we’re going to compete in the big 10, we have to find more scoring options and App seems to be less and less effective on the offensive end. Do you see him regressing to last year’s form? He’s going to have to attack the rim much more than he has been for us to be successful.  Mark Crawford

Agree.  He is a natural two, but he can’t play well and then disappear.  His game has to come up a notch.  He has the potential for a great and lucrative career overseas; he isn’t in my opinion, or the opinion of scouts I talk to, an NBA player.  That still doesn’t change he is blessed with great talent.  If Appling can find consistency, he can take this team a long ways.


Hi Hondo-I’ve never sent an email for your BB question and answer. So, “the light goes on for Guana” and then he only plays 2 minutes and Bird is in there. I just don’t get it!! Bird can’t guard, hit a shot, or give any positive results to the Spartans. Why is Tom so intent on playing him and letting Matt Costello -who I think is by far the best of the 3- sit the bench and not get any minutes?! Costello is a better defender and if Tom would give him some time I think he would be putting up some points too. Am I missing something?? (I don’t care that Bird is a captain-doesn’t mean he should get playing time when he doesn’t earn it).Thanks! Cindy

Russell is struggling.  In practice he is fine, but we all saw Cindy in the Wisconsin game that he is mentally out of it and frankly just nonexistent.  The story of how Byrd got to this point is amazing and one I will tell when his time is done.  What I can say now is that unless it is blow out time, MSU is best served with Russell on the bench.  As MSU comes down the stretch they have the talent to win the Big Ten and make a Final Four run.  Now is not the time to be giving key minutes to players whose contribution will not matter towards that goal.


Hondo, I was very critical of your pre-season MSU basketball record predictions.  I don’t know how they are right now based on what your predicted, but I know I didn’t think they would be as good as you did.  Great call.  Do you think they have the talent to win it all?  Kennedy

They have all the talent to win it all.  The biggest key will be the draw.  Who do they play, where do they play, and what is the health status and mental status of the team?  This group is getting better every day.  As far as my predictions go, I said before the year that I thought they would be 17-4 right now.  They are 17-4 right now.  I also said that they would be 5-3 in the Big Ten right now and I was wrong.  They are 6-2.  The lost to a Miami team I thought they would beat and they won at Wisconsin when I said they would lose.  You can follow my pre season predictions right HERE all year.


Hondo, my husband and I are big fans of your work and recently at a home basketball game you looked like you were wiping away tears before a game.  Sorry, but are you O.K.?  Jan and Darrell

Thanks for asking, I am fine.  They brought out children from the State of Michigan whose parents are in Iraq/Afghanistan right now for the national anthem.  I am in love with my country and as the national anthem played, the crowd sang and looking at the kids of our heroes it touched me.  Not ashamed to be in love with my nation.  I have traveled all over the world and with all of her faults America is STILL the greatest nation on earth.  I wake up and live in a nation that I have had a 41 year love affair with and I am so proud to be an American.  We are an exceptional nation and the beacon of hope to the rest of the world.


Hondo, please forgive me, but I was just sitting down the other night and turned on the radio show.  You were talking about your recent conversations with NBA scouts and you talked about two players that you all were talking about?  Can you tell me what two players?  Patrick

Sure I can.  I was talking with some scouts and Payne and Dawson kept coming up a lot.  Appling projects as an overseas player as does Derrick Nix.  This is according to them.  Nix could go the route of Charlie Bell and play his way from overseas into the league.  Branden Dawson & Adreian Payne we talked a lot about.  Their thoughts on their game were very educational.  We also talked a lot about Gary Harris.


Hondo I have noticed several times when we arrive early at the Breslin you talking with several players.  I am always intrigued by Branden Dawson.  What kind of a kid is he?  Bethany

He is a warm and kind young man.  He is without a doubt fiercely competitive, incredibly gifted by God with all natural talent and a wonderful person.  He is the kind of you man you would want to babysit your kids and work for your company.  As great of a basketball player he is, even more he is a better young man.  He will make a big impact in his life, for sure in basketball, but I bet even more as a man.


Hondo the other night on the radio show you were discussing Payne and Dawson.  You mentioned your talks with scouts; do you think there is a chance that they both go at the end of this year?  Ty

Yes I do.


There you go everyone.  Another week of your MSU Basketball Q and A in the books.  Make sure to send in your questions for next week.  Simply email them to and put weekly Q and A Basketball in the subject line.

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  1. Mark Pflug January 30, 2013 at 7:48 pm #

    great coverage Hondo …. keep it up

    ok, if Payne and Dawson both declare for the draft at the end of this year we have 2 huge holes to fill, and without a recruit in sight. Is this the reason for the recent interest in the player from Chicago ? How do we fill in for Dawson at the 3 ??

  2. Steve January 30, 2013 at 10:27 pm #

    I wonder if Jabari knows Dawson is leaving….

    • Hondo S Carpenter, Sr January 31, 2013 at 7:17 am #

      No one said he is leaving, I was asked if there is a chance.