Spartan Nation has remained in touch with the Kearney family and as he heads to Arizona State to continue his career.  Brandan was popular with his teammates and is a great kid.  Here is the statement they sent to us early this morning:

Brandan Kearney Transfer  Statement

I’ve decided to finish my college basketball career at Arizona State University. There were 20 schools that contacted MSU, my family, my High School coach and my AAU coach. Texas A&M, Iowa State, and Arizona State were the top three schools that I considered.

Playing in the Pac 12

Playing in the Pac 12 Conference will be a challenge for me, although I’m hopeful because historically guards have been very successful in the Pac 12. I bring Big 10 experience and I will provide leadership to my new teammates at Arizona State. The visit to Tempe, Arizona was pleasant; the community while there gave me and my family a warm feeling. The campus is very attractive and the surroundings gave you a confident feeling also. Like MSU, Arizona State has a very big campus with a student body close to 70,000. Their academics rank among the highest also.

ASU Staff/Players

I felt Coach Sendek and his staff were honest with me and I was honest with them. We talked about basketball, academics and life. Coach Sendek is very intelligent person. Coach Sendek gave me the blueprint of what he thought about me as a player. He let me and my family know up front that Coach Izzo had nothing but positive things to say about me.

The players at ASU were cool and I got to spend some time with a few of them. I thought that was very key. What I liked the most from the players was that they have three players in the Master’s Program including Carrick Felix, one of their best players. They have one of the best point guard generals in Jahii Carson and they have a couple of Midwest players in Chris Colvin and Evan Gordon.

ASU’s staff is very experienced with Coach Musselman and Coach Greer who bring tons of experience. Coach Taylor did a wonderful job of recruiting and made our visit very comfortable. We talked about everything from basketball, life and the fact that I’m an upper classman now and my time is NOW.

My Time at MSU

I just want to say first and foremost that I will always be respectful for my time at MSU. I played there for two years, won a Big 10 Championship and conference tournament championship. I played in some very big games, hit a couple of big shots and made some big defensive stops. I just felt for me I needed a change. My challenge now is to continue to get stronger, work more intensively on my skill set, and finish my last two years on a great note. I will always be grateful to my former teammates at MSU. I came in with BJ and Travis for the class of 2011 and we bonded. Russell was a close teammate but Nix was like a Big Brother to me. I hope the ASU managers are like the MSU managers because those managers were the best!!!! Lastly want to thank the coaching staff of MSU, Coach Stephens, Coach Garland, Coach Fife, and to Coach Izzo, you will always be one of the greatest coaches in college basketball. JUST MAKE SURE YALL BEAT MICHIGAN!!!!! To my many supporters, I hope you continue to support me Brandan Kearney with my new endeavors.


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