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Since MSU lost out on Parker and Kearney is transferring, any chance MSU gets a recruit like a 5th year senior transfer or a JUCO recruit? Ken

Izzo has said a player for this class is still a possibility.  The question is simple: this late in the game, you are so far down the food chain, do you save that scholarship for a top tier game or take a plan D player?  Good question and we’ll wait to see Izzo’s choice.


Hondo, I remember going way back to the end of last year that you said Appling was not a leader and that this was going to be the biggest test for this season.  Good call.  Is that what will stop this team since you say they have the talent to win the Big Ten?  Michael

Yes, it is.  Leadership is the #1 ingredient in any organization.  MSU has none from the players.  At this point, it is HIGHLY DOUBTFUL that anyone can magically step up.


Hondo, I have read some other media who are highly critical of Branden Dawson.  You aren’t.  Reason?  Dan Hill

First, I have not read, heard, or seen that so I can’t comment on others.  For me, how could you?  He shouldn’t even be close to where he is now. After that major of an injury it was an amazing work ethic and personal will that has got him back.  What MSU is getting right now is amazing.  He isn’t back 100% and ANY expectation of him being there is unrealistic and naïve.  Sure, he needs to be prodded and pushed, but anyone being highly critical of him needs to keep the Jack out of the kool aid.


Hondo, I saw that Gene Keady and Lou Henson are the only coaches ahead of Izzo on the all-time Big Ten wins list.  When do you think he breaks their records?  Shelly

Never.  Tom has said so also. 



Hondo, do you see Russell Byrd becoming the 25 minute a guy who is the long threat that Tom recruited?  Keith



Hondo, you have been very critical of Keith Appling.  What do you see that makes you think he is a bad player?  Todd Leger

I have made it abundantly clear that Keith IS NOT a leader.  I have never said and never would say he is a bad player.  He is a very good player. I believe sometimes people mistake being fair as a dislike.  Appling is a star basketball player.  His natural position is a two.  I like the MSU lineup when he and Trice are in together and it allows him to use his immense God given talent.  Keith lacks leadership ability, but not talent, and certainly he IS a great player.


Like Gauna, do you think the light will come on for Trice?  Andrew

I would ask will the light come on for you?  Are you kidding me?  No offense brother, but that is the most ignorant question I have ever read.  Trice is the best point guard on the team and you do remember he was injured, right?  The light is on and it is bright with young Mr. Trice.  If anything I think he doesn’t get enough minutes.  He has mad skills.



There you go everyone.  Another week of your MSU Basketball Q and A in the books.  Make sure to send in your questions for next week.  Simply email them to and put weekly Q and A Basketball in the subject line.

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  1. Mark Pflug January 12, 2013 at 7:28 pm #

    Hi Hondo

    Great update of BB. I was interested in your response to the question about TI’s chance to pass Keady for #2. From what I see it looks like he needs 100 total wins or about 70 B10 wins to get there. You were pretty strong about … not going to happen …. That appears to put a stake in the ground that TI is gone within 7 years ….. any further comment

    • Brady January 13, 2013 at 1:02 am #

      Was thinking the same thing. At Izzo’s current pace he COULD pass Keady in 4 years. Does Hondo know something of Izzo’s retirement plans or is he mathematically challenged??

      • Brady January 13, 2013 at 1:23 pm #

        Sorry, was reading this late last night and apparently it were my brain that wasn’t working properly. I was looking at total wins rather than big 10…still it seams that Izzo should be within striking distance of Keady unless he is planning on retiring sooner than later.

  2. grant January 12, 2013 at 8:17 pm #

    These basketball and football e-mail articles are my favorite ones on your site, very informative.

    Do you know the reason that Kearney left, and if so can you spell it out plainly?

    Also do you know the reason the O-Line and QB coaches have not been replaced or repositioned? I am positive even for what we have to pay we can land coaches who are better teachers.

    It is very difficult to run a pro-set without a very good O-Line and we do not seem to have a top tier one so why do we stubbornly stick with the power running game? Players like Bell who can do it without holes to run through do not come along all that often.

    Thanks for your informed responses,