His Alabama offensive line this year was perhaps the best in college football history.  Prior to the season I Tweeted how an NFL person told me that there are several NFL teams that would trade their line for the one Alabama had.  When Saban was asked last night about how good they were, he took time to reference Michigan State. He said, “First of all, I think this may be the best offensive line, and I don’t like to make comparisons, that we’ve ever had or been associated with. We had a really good group that included Flozell Adams earlier in my career when I was at Michigan State that was a pretty good group. But this group has a lot of experience, and they play with a lot of consistency, and the power, the toughness, how physical they are I think is probably a pretty unique quality.”

Nick was asked if he was building a college football dynasty at Alabama.  Perhaps like the Nebraska teams of the 1990s.  He referenced those teams, and how he met one of them in his first game as the Michigan State head coach.  Saban said, “Well, what I remember about them is I was defensive coordinator with the Cleveland Browns with Bill Belichick and the first game we had at Michigan State with me being the head coach is against Nebraska. And they beat us 55‑14, and the score did not indicate how bad they beat us.”

Saban continued to explain his mindset.  “I’m thinking that I hadn’t been in college football for four or five years, being in the NFL. I’m thinking, we’re never going to win a game. We’ll never win a game here at Michigan State. I must have taken a bad job, wrong job, no players, something. I remember Coach Osborne when we shook hands after the game, he put his arm around me and whispered in my ear, ‘You’re not really as bad as you think.’
So I think he knew he had a pretty good team. And we actually ended up winning six games, so we weren’t really probably as bad as I thought.”

Saban was asked if his success after leaving Michigan State proves that the Spartans can’t win a national title.  He said, “Well, I think Michigan State is a fine program. I think Mark Dantonio is a really good coach. He worked on our staff for five years and did a phenomenal job. You know, teams aren’t that far away. I mean, they played Notre Dame; Notre Dame is in this game. They lost a bunch of close games this year. I think if you do a good job of recruiting and developing your players that a lot of people are going to have the opportunity to be in this game in the future, and I think Michigan State is one of the better programs in the Big Ten in terms of the history of success that they’ve been able to have. And I think they’ve got good people there, great administration, Lou Anna Simon is a great president. She was the provost when I was there. Understands athletics, was very helpful to us trying to build a program there. I don’t see why they couldn’t be successful.”

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  1. michael January 9, 2013 at 4:18 pm #

    Did he put enough butter on the bread? What did you want him to say? MSU sucks…and they had better change their ways…or they will NEVER be in a championship game! That sums it up I’d say.