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Hi Hondo, What is the word on Monty Madaris? I remember there being a lot of drama around signing day with this guy but I haven’t heard anything about his redshirt year? Thanks Evan

Drama is a great word, surrounding his recruitment.  He is a top tier player and a good kid.  Athletically, there is no doubt he can play and play at a high level at MSU.  He also is maturing personally and his future is very bright.  I want to add that when I say maturing, I am IN NO WAY implying he was or is a bad kid.  Being away from home is tough and growing from a kid to man is a process.  I respect and like Monty.


Hondo:  I know you are not looking for admission on the “Fire Dan Roushar” train, but as a frustrated fan and season ticket holder I am tired of seeing the (anemic) offensive scheme: and lack of development of the O-line season after season. While you may feel the fault lies elsewhere, I contend that all of the above falls under the responsibility of the Offensive Coordinator. What am I missing and why he is not to blame? – Steve Sussman, Bloomfield, MI

Great question.  He has a boss.  If he had total authority, I would agree.  If the offense was so bad then why are we losing two players early in Bell and Sims for the NFL?  I am NOT saying Dan Roushar is read to be anointed offensive coordinator guru.  My job is to be fair.  I know some of the constraints he has worked under.  I think the jury is out long term, but there is a reason his head coach has backed him like he did publicly.  It is one thing to say, “I support my OC,” and another to talk about him being tucked under your wing.  People are taking my support of Dan as a personal statement that I think he should get a lifetime deal. It’s not.  I am saying that he is NOT the issue based on the current situation.


Hondo, Does Roushar at least get demoted to another position? You continually state that he will NOT get fired. What about in this scenario?  Brian

I highly doubt this.  To do so would mean Mark fired another person.  If one should leave that would be the only chance and I doubt that the coaches who would get the best opportunities to leave would be in an area he could coach.


Hi Hondo, I deeply believe that to be rewarded with a bowl game any team should have a winning record. I fully support the Spartans and wish the best for the teams and individuals. Every year can’t be an 11-win season and MSU had huge holes to fill. There are just far too many bowl games and I know they have to be filled. But I would have more respect for all involved if they had been too proud to accept a bowl bid without a winning record. What do you think? Bill Kerans

I think that in a fantasy world you are 100% accurate, but in the real world you are misinformed.  As a bowl eligible Big Ten team they can’t refuse a bowl.  All of the Big Ten money is pooled and they are bound to accept a bid.  I agree. 6-6 should NOT be bowl eligible and that there are way too many bowls.  Other than the national championship game, every other bowl had issues selling tickets this season.


Hey Hondo, What would you say was the main reason DeAnthony Arnett did not see the field much this season? I have a feeling it was not because of ability since the guys ahead of him did not look great. Do you see him being an elite receiver for us in the future? Ryan in Chicago

#1 reason DeAnthony Arnett didn’t see the field was DeAnthony Arnett.  Do I see him being an elite receiver in the future?  He has all the natural God given talent.  The answer is up to him.


Hondo, Can you tell me if Roushar is going to be relieved of his OC responsibilities? If not, I am seriously confused. Scott Lehr

No, unless he quits.  Please see above.


Hondo, you have said for weeks that Bell and Sims were gone and now on your Twitter you are saying that so is Gholston.  Can you break down the loss of all three and what you think?  Harold in Clarkston

Sure.  Someone on our message board did a great job also.  Other than bowls, Will has underperformed.  In fact, you can argue he had a better 2011 than 2012.  Shilique Calhoun has played great and will step in immediately; plus MSU is loaded with more DE depth.  Dion Sims is a great player as well and this will hurt, but like DE, MSU has a solid stable of TE depth.  Not only do they have the TEs that people know about, but don’t forget two red shirt freshmen in Josiah Price and Evan “BULLDOZER” Jones.  Bell is the heart break killer.  That one is a crushing blow.  After he announces publicly I will have more, but Bell’s departure is a haymaker to the nose of MSU football.


Hondo, with LeVeon Bell leaving for the pros is Nick Hill the next starting RB?  I would think so.  Mall

Mall, you would think wrongly.  Nick was brought in to be the PR/KR guy.  He is neither as of now.  I really like Nick so this isn’t personal, but if he is your starting RB in 2013, MSU has much bigger issues.


OK everyone, there you go.  Our weekly Q/A article.  If you would like your email to be considered for this article, please add to the subject line Football Q/A.  Email me at

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