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Coach Garland is a key and critical part of MSU basketball.  Photo courtesy of Steve Williford. Coach Garland is a key and critical part of MSU basketball. Photo courtesy of Steve Williford.

As a long time (over 40 years) Spartan season ticket purchaser, I do not attend Sunday games of which there are four home games this season. It is impossible to attend Church and attend a noon tip off, especially since I live an hour from East Lansing. I presume that the reason for Sunday games is television revenue and exposure. Nevertheless, can anything be done about this? Charles Stoddard, Hickory Corners, MI

Can something be done?  Sure.  Will it?  No Sir. TV gets the games when they want them or MSU schedules when it fits the on campus demands.  You can email Hollis and register your thoughts, but I can truthfully tell you that you are wasting your time.  Sorry, but being honest.


Hondo- Derrick Nix had a good second half against and a dominate performance against Texas. I’ve always liked Nix. How devastating would it have been for this young man had he been dismissed from the team? I don’t mean hurt feelings, the spiral his life would have gone. Todd

Agree Todd and so does Derrick.  I love Nixer.  He has made mistakes, but he is one of the most sincere, genuine, kind, and fine young men I know.  We all make mistakes, some bigger than others, but as you know, I stood with Izzo from day one sticking with Nix.  I hate how our society throws away people and relationships like food wrappers from a fast food drive thru.


Hi Hondo, I have a quick question here…Do you really think that Jabari Parker’s decision was really based on Dawson? I heard Parker say a few reasons why he chose Duke…but to me they seemed very weak and not much foundation. He said Duke is close to home (where do you think MSU is compared to Chicago). Also stated how Duke gets into the tourney all the time. Is MSU not known for that under Izzo?  Bruce

Bruce, I do believe that Dawson played a part in Jabari not coming to MSU, but NOT in the way it was portrayed.  If he was worried about competition, he WOULDN’T have chosen Duke.  BJ and Jabari have strong ties back to AAU and although I don’t believe competing against BJ was the reason he didn’t come here, I do believe he and BJ’s relationship had an impact.  In case you are wondering, it is NOT a bad relationship, so please don’t read that in it.


Hondo, this year’s freshman class was committed to MSU before Mark Montgomery left.  Now, Izzo is going to have no freshmen in 2013.  Mike Garland failed at Cleveland State and now failed in this class.  Is it time for Izzo to cut his buddy loose?  Mike

First, Garland wasn’t the staff recruiter for Parker, and secondly, you are woefully ignorant to say that Garland failed at Cleveland State.  If you would look at how deep the hole was he stepped into, the amazing job he did fixing it, and when fixed how they fired him you would know.  They had good success after he left, but Garland was brought in to clean up the program and canned as soon as he did.  I am working on a story about Garland for an upcoming Spartan Nation Magazine you don’t want to miss.


Hondo, if you were playing Santa Clause for MSU basketball as they head into the Big Ten what would you give Izzo?  William

A leader.  He doesn’t have one on this team.  Something that I have reiterated to you since last year ended and it is still true today.  Nix and Byrd are captains, but not leaders and Appling isn’t one either.  This team is almost rudderless from the leadership spot and that should make people, thinking back, appreciate Day Day more and more.


Hondo, I have heard Jay Bilas from ESPN on your radio show several times and I watched him at the Texas game walk up and visit with you for a long time.  What is he like?  He has hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter, he follows no one, and comes off arrogant.  Then I hear and see him with you and he really comes off as a great dude.  Paul Westerfield

Jay is genuine. He isn’t afraid to tell the truth or give his opinion and he is sincere.  I not only like him, I respect him and I do not think it is even close as to him being the best color analyst on TV for basketball.  I can’t talk to, watch, or listen to him, even in casual conversation without learning something.  Great guy.


Hondo, you predicted before the season that you thought Michigan State’s regular season record would be 24-7?  Care to change it?  Delvin

I don’t change them any year Delvin.  They have the talent, but I at least thought by committee some group would step up and lead and no one is.  I would say my chance of accuracy is slim to none and slim is standing on a banana peel.  The Spartans, playing as they are now, will fight for 6th or 7th in the B1G with the talent of a top three or four team in the conference.



There you go everyone.  Another week of your MSU Basketball Q and A in the books.  Make sure to send in your questions for next week.  Simply email them to and put weekly Q and A Basketball in the subject line.

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