In your 11/29/2012 “Football Emails and Questions” article, you wrote in response to Bryan Williams’ question that “There will be some conceptual changes [in MSU’s 2013 offense], but the biggest will be philosophical.” My question(s) is this: What is/are the difference(s) between “conceptual changes” in an offense and “philosophical changes” in an offense? In the Spartans’ case, specifically, what can the fans expect the conceptual and philosophical changes in offense to mean/look like?  Regards, Andrew

Conceptual are just that; concepts, how players lineup and the way the set looks.  Philosophical is going from not using a QB as a running threat and doing so.  Conceptually (the way the plays look) will change only slightly, but how they run out of those plays and who they run will.  Thus the philosophical.


Hondo, could you talk about the 2013 O line. It doesn’t seem like it will be much better than this year’s based on returning linemen for 2013.  Thank Dave Emery

I think MSU has some very good OL.  I think MSU has OL concerns other than the players.  In six seasons under Dantonio, MSU had yet to have dominating OL even while having a pro style attack.  I will talk more about this after the season.


Hondo, I saw that Dan Roushar were both close to getting the WMU job.  How close was it?  Cyndia

Pat would have had zero interest and Roushar didn’t get a whiff.  So if that was close or in question I am baffled by wherever you saw that.


Hondo, I’m a diehard Redskins fan and season ticket holder, but I keep an eye on the Spartans because my Brother went to school there. He threw 2 TDs Sunday, both on full fledged roll-out passes. Where were those in his MSU days? I don’t remember seeing them even try any, and my Brother said he doesn’t remember any either. Did the Spartan Coaches miss the boat on that one, or did Cousins somehow get a lot faster this year? Seems like they goofed. Don in No. Va.

You are correct.  In my end of year report I have five NFL people that filled out a questionnaire on MSU FB.  Cousins was cited by all five. MSU, with Hoyer, Cousins, and Maxwell, was hindered at the QB spot from reaching maximum capacity.  In that report we get detailed on why.


Hondo, can you tell me how true freshman Cox and Robinson. How about Edmonson are doing?  Raymond Kreuger

Sure!  Demetrious Cox could have played this year.  They were able to save the redshirt.  He is a stud.  Ezra Robinson is also an NFL talent who could have played if needed.  He WILL see the field next year and will compete for a starter spot with the loss of Adams.  Jermaine Edmonson is also an exceptionally gifted athlete and a great kid.  All three of those young stars are already well along in their development and will be ready the moment the bowl ends.  Coach Harlon Barnett did a super job, even with them on scout team getting them ready.


Hondo, I am wondering if there is any chance MSU has a new OC next season? If so what % would you say the chances are? Whatever happened to us getting some “new” offensive philosophies? Scott Lehr

Dan Roushar WILL NOT get fired.  So unless he leaves it is 0%.  When Dantonio came out and said that they had to adjust with the times it put the recruiting world on notice.  When he did what many consider “BACKTRACKING” he got stung.  You will see more QB specific running options in 2013.


Hondo, I have gathered that the OL and QB coach may be an issue, but how are Mike Tressel and Harlon Barnett doing?  Are both defensive coordinator worthy?  Carlos in Okemos

Carlos, they are both elite coaches and top notch men.  Both are ready to be a DC.  Who knows how they perform under those bright lights, but both are ready.


OK everyone, there you go.  Our weekly Q/A article.  If you would like your email to be considered for this article, please add to the subject line Football Q/A.  Email me at

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