Mark Dantonio Lets Future Spartan Football Signal Caller Damion Terry In on Changes to the Spartan Offense and the Future QB Battle

Terry has taken the nation by storm and the Spartans are fortunate to have him for the 2013 class.  Photo courtesy of Terry. Terry has taken the nation by storm and the Spartans are fortunate to have him for the 2013 class. Photo courtesy of Terry.

Mark Dantonio said recently that Michigan State football might need to “change somewhat with the times,” and this could be good news for MSU class of 2013 commit Damion Terry. 

Terry recently joined Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr. on Spartan Nation Radio and recounted how Mark Datonio expects the Spartans offense to change.  The possible changes to the Spartans’ offensive scheme include quarterback run plays which would play right into the incoming QB’s style.

“I can run a lot,” Terry says, “and it means a lot that they’re going to add another dimension to the quarterback position.”

Despite being excited about the new possibilities awaiting him as a future Spartan quarterback, he says being able to be a dual-threat in college was not something he had anticipated when he committed to MSU in April.

“I was surprised at first honestly,” he admitted to what Dantonio told him, “because I know MSU’s been in a pro-style offense the past couple years.

“It caught me off guard, but I’m looking forward to it.”

A senior at Erie Cathedral Preparatory School in Erie, Pennsylvania, Terry has become known nationally as a dual-threat quarterback who can run the ball in addition to being a strong passer.

“I think of myself as a quarterback who’s a pocket passer but who can run if necessary, kind of like a (former Wisconsin Badger and current Seattle Seahawk) Russell Wilson type,” he says.

“But I’d much rather have a passing touchdown than a rushing touchdown.”

Coach Dantonio told Terry that current junior starter Andrew Maxwell will once again be the guy going into next season, but he also says that the competition is to see who Maxwell’s backup will be.  This means Terry will be competing right away against current backup Connor Cook, who has received limited play this season, and redshirted freshman Tyler O’Connor.

 “(He said) he’s looking for that solid number two guy to get snaps in case something ever happens,” Terry says.  “It really caught me off guard (to hear that I could compete as a true freshman), but it excited me.”

Because of this, Terry says he hopes to get the playbook “as fast as possible,” as well as a workout sheet.

He has not ruled out the possibility of graduating high school early and enrolling at MSU in January.

“I’ve still got to look into it with my school and my coach,” he says, “but I’d love to enroll early.  They’d like me to really get to know the playbook, and I want to get started as early as I can.”

He would also like a jump-start in getting to know his future teammates, as he has seen this year what can come with strong team chemistry.  His high school team is currently 13-0 and looking toward its state semifinal game this weekend.

“Everything’s been clicking this year,” Terry says.  “We’re just a team.  No one’s one-minded and everyone’s a team player, which is also how it is at Michigan State from what I’ve seen when I’ve been up there. It really feels like a family, and that’s how it is at my high school too.”

The young quarterback has been working to expand that Spartan family, too, by talking to key MSU targets as much as possible to convince them to choose the school.  He specifically mentioned Detroit Cass Tech offensive tackle David Dawson as someone he has been working on. 

“I’m still recruiting people,” he says.  “I guess I’m pretty good at that!”

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  1. Faygo December 4, 2012 at 9:59 pm #

    Special kid. He’s going to be a great Spartan.

  2. Terence December 4, 2012 at 10:33 pm #

    I personally believe Dantonio’s choice to not allow competition at the starting quarterback position is a mistake. He has always said that at the end of the day, he would play the best player, no exceptions. It seems as if not allowing competition at quarterback contradicts his coaching philosophy. I understand Maxwell has been waiting for three years for the job, however, if Cook, O’Connor, or Terry prove one of them is capable of handling the job, I only see it fair to let them claim the position. But as a Spartan fan, I trust the coaches know best. I look forward to seeing Terry play in the future. He is a wonderful kid and I’m sure he’ll be great wearing Green & White!

  3. michael December 5, 2012 at 3:45 pm #

    Maybe this season has finally seen Mark see the light. This is not the Big 10 of old, and never will be again. The “pound” offense is a dead horse…and playing not to lose, is even worse! I do not doubt for 1 second, that Max can run this team, and be very productive, even “stellar”! Let everyone make some mistakes…that is how you learn! This offense is “stuck” in the frozen Arctic! I would bet on natives of Alaska, who have never played the game, against this God awful offensive scheme….it is PUTRID!