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Hondo, this bye week kept me transfixed in front of my TV watching so many games and the commonality of them all was that none had a worse offensive philosophy than Michigan State.  I support Coach D and Roushar, but we have to fix our offense for us to ever get to another level.  What do you think?  DeAndre

I think that Michigan State needs to take a long hard look at their offensive philosophy before next year.  The good news is that they will.  Now, if anything changes that remains to be seen.


Hondo, you mentioned that you thought Coach Dantonio needed to make some staff changes, but that you didn’t think he would.  Could you please share who you think he should get rid of?  Hunter

No Hunter, I won’t.  I would say that I don’t base that on one game or one season.  I think there are some who when I hear back from NFL people or others that I highly respect consistently year after year whose players they are in charge of have the same issues you  have to really look hard.  I will say this.  The position coach is the most important in football, even more than the coordinators and head coach.  They get the most time with a player.  If year after year you have players that struggle with the fundamentals or the same issues then it is time for a change.


Hey Hondo.  I love your Q/A stuff.  You mentioned that you think Coach D needs to make some staff changes, but won’t.  Why is that?  I know you are a staunch supporter of Coach so I trust you have great thoughts on why he won’t do it.  Gabe

Gabe, Mark is devotedly loyal.  He makes MSU football a family.  If he didn’t there would have been no way Pat Narduzzi would have turned down over $500,000 more per year at Texas A & M and Tennessee last year to stay here.  Think about that.  Pat left OVER a half million dollars on the table to stay here.  Roushar stayed with an opportunity to more than double his salary.  Both men felt a bond of loyalty to stay with Dantonio because of how he handles things.  I can also tell you that he has some guys that not only wouldn’t get those offers; I don’t think they would get “less” offers.  I understand that you don’t want to create an environment like Alabama, but I do think there are SOME that take Dantonio for granted.  As much as you don’t want the environment of Alabama, you also don’t want to return to the Perles era at MSU.  I love Coach Perles, but he had coaches that took advantage of him because they knew he wouldn’t can them.  I don’t want to see that happen to Coach Dantonio.


Hondo, I loved your question to Coach D about only being as good as your seniors.  He has said that numerous times and while I respect his not wanting to throw them under the bus, that is the biggest reason I think this team has struggled.  Adam

I think it is a major key Adam.  I think there are a few reasons, but this is a big one.  I also think it is important to point out that while this senior class has struggled, they are great kids.  On the field I am puzzled by several of them, but off of it, they are a great group that will leave here having left MSU better off the field than what they found.  I will have much more to say about this class when the season is over.


Hondo, one of your more famous questions is asking coaches what they have learned.  I always enjoy those.  So I would like to turn the table on you and ask what you have learned this year about Spartan football.  Nate

WOW, great question.  I have learned several things and I will profile them at the end of the season like I do every year.  I will say that the one I am more than willing to share now is that MSU can’t win on a high level over a sustained amount of time without an athletic QB.  I think Maxwell is MORE THAN suited for that.  To me it comes down to coaching.  Kirk was the same.  He had the ability to be mobile and didn’t, the same with Andrew.  Until MSU makes the point of using their QB as a threat with his legs they will have issues.


Hondo, I’m a few weeks late, but even though the student section was dismal, why would we play towards the visitor section during overtime (Against Iowa) instead of anything that would not have rooted for the away team? Is that “big screen” inhibiting us?  I want SS to be feared as much as any other stadium in the country, and am pushing for the donor section to not sit on their feet, but it seems as if everyone just wants to be entertained and watch whats going on on the new scoreboards.  Bryan Blood Chicago

Great question Bryan about MSU choosing to go AWAY from the student section against Iowa.  The students were nonexistent and even with the Iowa fans, there were more MSU fans and louder fans going away from the pathetic student section.  That more than anything else should have humiliated the students and it didn’t.  First time EVER MSU went away from the students in OT.


OK everyone, there you go.  Our weekly Q/A article.  If you would like your email to be considered for this article, please add to the subject line Football Q/A.  Email me at

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