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Hondo, I don’t understand Mark Dantonio not going for it on fourth and one early in the game when Dan Conroy missed another field goal?  Why?  I am so frustrated with this team.  Karen in Saline

Karen, I normally am a go get it guy.  Here are some background details that may or may not change your mind.  After the 2nd down play LeVeon Bell waved over the sideline to come out.  The team was already in the huddle and the play clock was running.  He had to stay in.  That is why the 3rd down dive with him went nowhere.  He was hurt.  With him having tried to get out I think they should have taken a timeout there and rethought the 3rd down play.  With him injured I can at least understand why they didn’t go for the 1st down and made the attempted kick.


Hondo, I am a long time MSU fan.  I think we are very fortunate to have Mark Dantonio and I don’t want him to go anywhere.  I love how this season a lot more players are moving up and down the depth chart.  I think it helps when there is movement based on play.  What baffles me to kingdom come is that Dan Conroy has cost us two games and no one else is getting a chance to kick.  What can a new kicker do, cost us a game?  Conroy has twice.  I don’t want to hear your he is a great kid speech.  I am sure he is.  He is not a great player this year and as a fifth year senior he should be.  Can we please see someone else out there?  If he doesn’t change what does that mean and say to the rest of the team? Mike

Well Mike, he is a great kid, but you are correct that he isn’t getting the job done.  While UM went four for four and on Saturday, MSU lost going one for two.  Coach admitted earlier in the year that he and the staff had discussed someone else, but stuck with Conroy.  I plan on asking about this on Tuesday.  If he doesn’t make the change I think it means that in his mind he has no one else and that Conroy gives them the best chance.  If that is the case, it is clear to the team.  If it is NOT the case, then it sets up as a problem.  Football teams see all in practice.  IF there are other credible options, at any positions, and a coach doesn’t make a change while doing it all over the depth chart it can bring internal frustration.  That isn’t how Dantonio operates.


Hondo, I can’t for the life of me understand how our fans can’t understand that our OL is decimated and not the issue.  If one more person goes after the offensive line I am going to scream. I had to walk out of our family gathering to watch the game before my moronic brother-in-law made me punch him.  Thank you for saying it, but can you please keep bringing the issue up?  Kenneth in Potterville

Ken, how does one make you punch them?  Control yourself, but I do share your frustrations.  The OL has been destroyed.  They have been down as much as ten guys.  I will get more into it later in the week.  The term fan is short for FANATIC.  When people are FANATICAL sometimes logic isn’t there.  Has the MSU OL been the caliber of the nation’s best this year?  No.  I also don’t think they are the reason this team is 4-4.  Hang around different people I guess, but control yourself bro.  “You can do it” in my best Waterboy tone of voice.


Hondo, you’re a gutless pig and the rest of the media that cover Michigan State are gutless pigs.  You refuse every week to ever ask any tough questions of Dantonio or Roushar.  I don’t know what is worse, having to watch this MSU team play or looking to the media who covers them and they are as worthless as the team.  Tim

I think we are very fair.  We do ask a lot of tough questions.  I don’t think Roushar was the issue this past week, but we haven’t had him to talk to in the last two weeks.  We haven’t had Coach Staten in forever.  I don’t know what kind of questions we are not asking, but you are welcome to call Mark Dantonio’s radio show or go in person and ask.  Sometimes people want us to vent for them.  Not our job.  By the way, if you go to the radio show, I wouldn’t start any questions to Dantonio calling him a gutless pig.  Not a good idea to get answers.


Hondo, I love the new Spartan Football show.  I am a media guy so maybe you can help me.  Why is the sound so terrible?  Without any doubt it is the best show, but every show there are audio issues.  You’re a media guy, can you help?  Paul

Paul, I am sure they are working hard on it and I agree it is the best in the nation.  I am sure if you want to apply for the job or give suggestions they would listen.  Just contact the Michigan State Sports Information Department.  By the way, don’t start with you gutless pig. 


Hello Hondo.  I was at Michigan this past Saturday.  My comment has nothing to do with the game.  My wife is recovering from surgery and has to bring gauze, cream and pills into the stadium.  We are long time season ticket holders.  We haven’t gone to any MSU homes games after the Boise State game because they wouldn’t let her bring a small bag carrying these needed items.  We had drove to far to leave the Boise game.  When leaving we asked if we brought a note from her Doctor if she would be allowed for the rest of the season.  The security lady said no.  So our tickets go unused.  We went to UM on Saturday.  We had been told by friends who are Michigan season ticket holders that there would be no issue.  Because we hadn’t been able to go to MSU we bought our tickets and went.  When we arrived at the gates of UM stadium my wife pulled out her clear small bag and started to explain why she needed it.  The young man said to my wife after he interrupted her explanation, “Miss we are just glad you are here.  Be safe and have a good day.”  We were dressed from head to toe in green and white.  Perhaps in our competition with UM we can also learn what customer service is.  With the dumb bag restrictions that are rigid to the point of a loss of common sense, to tailgate restrictions I fear our time as donors and season ticket holders is coming to an end.  As far as we come it is no longer worth the cost or the hassle.  This is a sad day for me.  William

William I can tell you that I get so much email from disgruntled MSU fans about the restrictions that seem to grow each year.  I am sure the MSU brain trust takes all thoughts into consideration, but take a moment and email Mark Hollis.  He may or may not change, but I can assure you he cares about your thoughts.  I would also not start your email or end with calling him a gutless pig.  Not a smart thing to do.


There you go everyone.  Your weekly Q/A.  Feel free to send me one if you would like for the Friday version.  Simply send it to me at

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  1. Pete October 22, 2012 at 8:32 pm #

    I tend to agree with the guy who said in so many words that the MSU blogs and beat writers let Dantonio and crew off the hook and they do it because they know Dantonio is likely to take offense as he did earlier this year in a post-game press conference. An interview with Dantonio is a lose-lose situation because, if you ask “creme-puff” questions, he’ll answer with vague generalities and, if you ask anything specific, you won’t get another interview. Here’s ten questions, Hondo, that you could ask a coach who realized that fans put money in sports programs while coaches take money out of them.

    1. Coach, I notice 20 roster players listed as offensive linemen and, yet, with injuries to the starting center and right tackle, your OL has been described by some in the sports blogs as “devastated”. Are the other 18 players injured as well or are they unable to play at the same high skill level as the starters?
    2.) Coach, your offensive line appears to be considerably taller and heavier than most defensive lines you play and, yet, you can’t get a push up front like the OL of Iowa, Nebraska, and Northwestern. Why are your players unable to block smaller defensive linemen and linebackers?
    3.) Coach, you have no less than 14 linebackers on your roster and 17 defensive backs. Yet you continue to recruit players for these seven on-field positions with the few scholarships you have available. Are you expecting a significant number of players to leave the program?
    4.) Coach, you have 15 wide receivers, 8 tight ends, and 4 fullbacks on your roster to fill 3 or 4 possible positions on the field. Is this a good use of roster space given that the offensive line is reportedly short of players because of injuries?
    5.) Coach, why is it OK for a coaching staff to continue recruiting a position (let’s say DE) when you have signed a player that supposedly fills your DE quota and, yet, it is not OK if the player continues to visit other colleges after he has signed with you?
    6.) Coach, why do guys like Jakubik and Macksood, who never had difficulty catching a ball or blocking sit on the bench when players like the U of M’s Dileo (and Blair White) prove that a guy who knows how to get open is more valuable than a guy who can just run fast?
    7.) Coach, how is the offense going to get better next year when the OL is manned by underclassmen for the most part and your leading rusher will likely leave for the NFL?
    8.) Coach, why do no-huddle offenses, in the last few minutes of a game, defeat your defense, even when it has stopped the opposing team the entire game? Is there a reason why your team’s offense can’t seem to play fast without making mistakes or drawing penalties?
    9.) Coach, now that this year is essentially over from the fan’s viewpoint, can you tell fans what they can look forward to next year in terms of changes that will prevent what happened this year from happening next year?
    10.) Coach, I notice that you’re trying to recover a “friendly” image with your own pre-game show and some attempts at humor now and then during interviews. How are these things better than a simple apology to the media for going off on them for absolutely no reason?

  2. Lynda Childs October 23, 2012 at 10:48 am #

    Why are the gate keepers not instructed to tell people like the lady with the necessary medical supplies that there is a “medical needs” special entry gate at the southwest end of the stadium (near the ramp) where she would be able to have her bag inspected and then take it in with her??

    My husband carries diabetic supplies and we have used this get several times in the past.

    There is no need for their tickets to go unused; they just need to go to that gate and have their bag inspected. I am surprised that all of the people at the gates don’t have this information for special needs cases.

  3. DaBangStick October 24, 2012 at 10:36 am #

    Lynda is correct. We do the same with our son and his supplies. Special needs – Gate K.