No one in the Spartan Nation expected the Spartans to start 3-2.  Let’s be honest.  We also know that with the disappointing start the Spartans can win out and control their own destiny.  So moving forward, Mark Dantonio talked about some players that we have not seen much of so far.

Just prior to the season Coach Roushar and Coach Samuel told us that they had to find ways to get the ball in the hands of RB/WR Jeremy Langford.  We haven’t seen the speedy and talented youngster so I asked Coach D about that.

Speaking of Langford’s lack of playing time he said, “I thought Jeremy had a good summer practice. We’re always talking about players through the summer, guys that are surprises to us. But as the situation continued at the end of summer camp, I mean, he had to be more consistent catching the ball as a receiver. He’s clearly not the top running back on our football team, so we moved him to receiver. I think he is an exciting player with the ball in his hands. Down‑the‑field catches, he wasn’t getting it done.”

He went on to add about the lack of reps for Langford that, “Because we took the redshirt off of Macgarrett Kings and Burbridge, we needed to create some opportunities for them. I think they need to get some opportunities. We’ll see those opportunities come.”

The offensive staff also put a lot of emphasis prior to the year on Larry Caper.  The backup RB is very talented and was a star his freshman year.  I asked Dantonio to address the lack of playing time for Caper and he said, “I think Larry should get more touches. It’s situational how it all plays out. If he gets in the secondary, he has to be good getting through people. He’s a little bit more of a straight‑line runner. Le’Veon created situations with spins, jumps, running through people. It’s not that Larry is playing poorly, it’s more the effect that Le’Veon has been a guy that is a little bit more of an impact guy. We’ve gone with the guy with the impact.”

Finally, Dantonio was asked for an update on C Travis Jackson.  We learned after the game on Saturday that he had broken his leg and done extensive damage to his MCL.  Dantonio stated, “Three‑month rehab. It’s broken fibula. He’s got to have surgery to put a couple screws in as well. So it’s a three‑month rehab. He’ll be back for the spring. He’s a tough guy.”

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  1. Pete October 4, 2012 at 11:31 pm #

    Dantonio is looking for the easy way out rather than address the real problem. He wants to play a Superman RB instead of getting his team to do things right. He doesn’t have Superman, but Leveon Bell seems like Superman when he plays against lesser competition. Of course, a fast team that tackles well neutralizes Leveon’s size advantage and, surprise, surprise, MSU suddenly has no run game.

    Running the football is easy. You simply must have blockers that are more skilled at what they do than the opposing teams tacklers are at what they do or you must be able to out-number the oppositions players at key moments and locations during the football game. if you can’t do either one, you can’t play “smash mouth” football. MSU can’t play “smashmouth” football. Not now. Not next year. Not with these players.

    We have massive 285 and 255 pound tight ends who can’t block a DB let alone a linebacker. You can’t run the edge if you can’t seal it with a TE or RB. MSU doesn’t have (and, apparently, can’t coach) players to seal the edge and, consequently, we can’t run wide. This also prevents us from playing speed on size to spread defenses out into space where size is not so advantageous. If you can’t hold the edge, guys like MacGarret Kings or Hill, who should be taking snaps at tailback, can’t get to the edge before they are snowed under (if they’re even given an opportunity to play).

    You can’t run the middle unless you can hold your blocks on the DLine while getting two or three blockers to the linebackers and safeties. When they get there, they have to be capable of making a block on the run. We have massive tackles and guards who can’t hold a block on a DLineman and our guards and fullbacks aren’t fast enough or coordinated enough to block a linebacker or safety. If you can’t block in the box, you can’t run the football consistently. It’s that simple.

    Dantonio “fixes” things by playing his best players against inferior competition thus putting the critics at bay until the next “big” game. This retards the progress of the team and of individuals while giving a false impression of the difference in ability from one end of the roster to another. The net effect will be that you predictably win the games you should win and lose the games you should lose (mediocrity) while pissing players off who should have and would have gotten a chance if the real problems were ever addressed. Good luck with this strategy.