Answering Your Questions About Michigan State Football…

Photo courtesy of Troy Benoit. Photo courtesy of Troy Benoit.

Answering Your MSU Football Email….

Hondo, I noticed on the radio show that when you talked about the defensive line you listed so many names that I haven’t heard of.  Is it normal to have that many players?  Will that hurt recruiting? –Ken

Hello Ken, and you are right, there are players all over the field on the DL.  Many of them were red shirts last year and some have come in.
Is it normal?  No way.  DL are so hard to get, especially quality DL, and championship teams always seem to accumulate them and hoard them.  MSU is gaining such a reputation for developing big guys that they are able to get guys that aren’t intimidated by competition and want to get to the next level bad enough that they want to be here.  Talent on the lines (offense and defense) is the life blood of a good team and MSU is healthy, brother!


Hondo, you mentioned Donovan Clark may not play this year, but is a star.  I don’t get that.  If he is a star, why not play him now? –Eric

He is a star, but there are guys ahead of him that are very talented and older.  They had more time getting stronger with Ken Mannie and have spent the time getting a better understanding of playing the scheme.  Remember, it isn’t just about beating people up at this level.  Everyone is good.  It is about the physical and the mental and there is a learning curve to adjusting to the technique.


Hondo, I was thinking yesterday about what if Narduzzi had left.  Who do you think would have been the next DC?  I always like to look
ahead.  –Pete

Pat Narduzzi will try to take both Mike Tressel (LB Coach) and (DB Coach) Harlon Barnett with him whenever he goes.   I know that Mark Dantonio in an attempt to keep them both and maintain staff continuity would have named them Co-defensive coordinators.  If Pat goes in the future that will remain Dantonio’s plan.  If that is not possible I believe the first call will be to former OSU interim head coach Luke Fickell.  If they are not able to wrangle him from the staff of Urban Meyer it will be because OSU will not let him out of his contract.


Hondo, I worry often about dumb things so please hear me out.  Last year, if Mike Sadler got injured we had Selden to back him up.  If
Sadler should go down this year, we are in trouble.  Comfort me please. –Bob

Mark Dantonio addressed this recently and you would see at any of the PK, K, or P spots, Kevin Muma, Dan Conroy, and Mike Sadler all
backing each other up.  There is still a long way for this to shake out, but for your peace of mind that is what would happen today.


Hondo, I thought your show with Jared McGaha recently was just fantastic sports radio.  It is nice to get exposed to some of these players we maybe don’t hear as much about.  What a fine young man, eloquent, and it was wonderful to hear the appreciation he had for both Coach Dantonio and the
program. –Michelle

I agree Michelle and thank you.  Jared is one of many great people who have come to MSU.  I also think it is critical for people to get the inside look to be able to see the amazing job Mark Dantonio has done and is doing at MSU.


Hondo, you seemed very confident that Henry Conway was not going to unseat Fou Fonoti on the right tackle spot.  What has Conway done wrong? Dan

Dan, people always assume that when a player does well others haven’t.  These are new times at MSU.  We can have everyone do well and
some just surpass.  I love Hank!  What a wonderful person.  He is working hard and doing all he can.  That doesn’t change that Fou is a great kid, had
a great 2011 season, and has done nothing to go backwards only forward.  I love competition, but Fou simply has his foot on the gas.  There is a long time until the season starts, so anything can happen.  I just don’t expect anyone to take Fou’s job.


Hondo, can you name a player that maybe is a walk on or not going to play that we can root for like we did for Anthony Ianni in basketball?

Easy…backup QB Tommy Vento. He is such a great kid, with a big smile that is appreciating every snap and rep he gets.  I know that he isn’t going to compete for a job at QB, but I have found myself watching him because I love how he competes, plays, and his attitude.

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