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Meet the Staff

HondoCarpenterHondo S. Carpenter, Sr. is the founder and publisher of SpartanNation.com and all of the family of services. The idea was birthed when overseas he ran into a Spartan not native to the United States who was wearing his Green and White proudly. You can follow him on Twitter @HondoCarpenter. He resides in the Mid Michigan area.

Caleb Wojcik is the Webmaster extraordinaire for Spartan Nation and has been since 2006. He is a Spartan alum and has forgotten more about computers than Hondo has ever known. He is brilliant and considered a genius when it comes to all things computers. He now resides in San Diego.

STAFF SCHOPPJon Schopp is a senior writer for Spartan Nation across all platforms. Jon joined Spartan Nation in the spring of 2009, and has since written extensively on MSU Football and Basketball. He is known primarily for having the first detailed post-game analysis of Spartan Football games, and for the Spartan Nation Weekly column. He practices law in Atlanta, GA. You can follow and interact with him on Twitter @JPSpartan.

marksidelineMark Boomgaard is an incredible photographer for Spartan Nation. He handles much of the TV shooting and video for the website. He also is a contributor with photographs as well as research and writing. He is constantly on the field and around the court covering your Spartans. He resides in Southeast Michigan.

marksidelineRick Waugh joined the Spartan Nation Staff in 2011. A long time and well respect High School football coach, Waugh has a long pedigree of players he has developed that have gone on to BCS success. He is frequently heard on Spartan Nation Radio, writes for the both the site and the magazine and is a great photographer.>code>

JoecroppedJoe Ginley is a terrific writer for the Spartan Nation website and magazine. He writes Spartans in the NFL and State of the Spartans among other articles. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio. Joe brings a great passion for sports and a great flexibility in writing skills.

STAFF LEHMANAndy Lehman is a gifted practicing attorney and writer on the site and magazine. He way overachieved with getting his wife to marry him. He resides in the Indianapolis region.

Jeff CottrellJeff Cottrell is the amazing prep sports editor for Spartan Nation. He has been in that capacity for several years. His twice weekly column previewing that weeks biggest games and recapping those from the past week is both well read and respected. His contribution to the site has been amazing and he truly does a remarkable job!

STAFF HENNEMike THE GOVERNOR Henne is a senior writer for Spartan Nation across all of the platforms. You can read and see him on a regular basis. He is incredibly connected to the MSU community and is well respected in the State of Michigan agricultural community. He resides in the Washington D.C. region.

Coach Chuck Grenier coached high school football for 25 years in the Lansing area, he is a writer and frequent Spartan Nation Radio guest. Universally respected as a premier MSU football analyst he also coached other sports and served as an Athletic Director. He is an avid hunter and fisherman and proved his recruiting prowess was good enough for D1 NCAA Football, by getting his amazing (and gorgeous) wife Becky to not only marry him, but stay with him. Coach is much older than the very young Becky.

Steve “HEAVYDIAPER” Williford is considered by many in the know as the greatest soccer player in MSU history. After an amazing career as a Spartan he has now branched into a career as a special education teacher. He also serves as a regular contributor to Spartan Nation as a writer, reporter, photographer and guest on Spartan Nation Radio. Williford brings great expertise as a former upper echelon student athlete and his passion for athletics in general. You often see him very involved as a moderator on the official message board of Spartan Nation: The Phalanx Forum where he goes by the moniker of “Heavydiaper.” Photo courtesy of MSU SID.

STAFF MARITAMarita Donnelly is the cartoonist for Spartan Nation Magazine. Marita is a wonderfully talented artesian and currently writes cartoons for publication in literature to inspire our overseas troops. She is an incredible Spartan whose talent is widely appreciated and enjoyed. She resides in Southwestern Michigan.

Duffy Carpenter is the youngest son of Spartan Nation Founder Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr. This skilled Pee Wee Football and Hockey player is the heir to the Spartan Nation Empire one day. An avid Football and Hockey fanatic, you can often find him waiting in the stands long after the games are over, as he waits to go home with his dad who is working.

STAFF MARKLEVITSBill Marklevits Bill was an amazing writer and photographer for Spartan Nation. While covering the B1G Men’s Basketball Tournament in Indianapolis in 2012 he suddenly passed away. Bill was the first staff member Hondo added after the site launched and his memory will never fade. RIP dear friend.

STAFF GERHARDTMo Gerhardt is the senior women’s basketball analysts for Spartan Nation. He is part of the MSU Women’s Basketball Radio team, an academic advisor at MSU and liaison to Student-Athlete Support Services. Having first started working with the program in the mid-90’s Mo is the leading authority on all that is MSU Women’s Basketball. He prides his work on descriptive integrity as opposed to flavor of the month verbal hyperbole. Mo resides in the East Lansing area.

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Caleb is the web designer and administrator of Spartan Nation. He interned for Hondo way back in 2005, was a four year Izzone member, and graduated from Michigan State in 2007 & 2008. You can find out more about him at calebwojcik.com.

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