Notre Dame Caught Utilizing a Laptop in The Coaches Box (an NCAA rule Violation)

MSU officials noticed the Notre Dame Irish coaching box using a laptop during the first half of tonight’s game. MSU notified the game officials (this is a CLEAR VIOLATION OF NCAA RULES) and the computer was confiscated.

I asked MSU Associate Director of Athletics and SID John Lewandowski about the incident and he said this, “A computer is a clear violation of the rules. It could be used for any number of things like tracking tendencies and plays. We notified the game officials and they briefly stopped the game to inform Coach Weis that it was a violation. The officials then confiscated the computer. Certainly Michigan State was not aware of what they were doing with the computer, we simply know that it is a violation and it didn’t belong there. You would have to ask Coach Weis why they were using it.”

This comes after the New England Patriots were severely reprimanded by the NFL for blatant rules violations. Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis was the OC for New England prior to becoming the ND Head Coach. In light of those violations, it only brings todays clear violation of a rule into more scrutiny.

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