The sad but true story of former Cincinnati and new Spartan defensive end Trevor Anderson!

The former Bearcat from Detroit was a star for Mark Dantonio while he was the head coach at Cincinnati.  What most people don’t know however is that new MSU DL coach, Ted Gill (who was also Trevor’s DL coach at Cincinnati) became so close to Anderson that he views him as a close father figure.

When Dantonio left the Bearcats to come to MSU there were several kids that were devastated not only that Dantonio left the program but that many of his staff were gone.  Anderson was among them.  Just like there were several wounded at CMU with Kelly’s departure. 

The fast and powerful DE led the team with six sacks and was second with 13 tackles for loss.  Anderson struggled with how the Bearcat program progressed without Dantonio and Gill and wanted to leave Cincinnati.  After informing Bearcat head coach Brian Kelly that he wanted to transfer from UC for family reasons, Kelly informed him that he would not get a blanket release to MSU.

For those that are not aware of what a blanket release is, when a player leaves a NCAA sanctioned program, if he/she chooses to transfer from one program to another of the same sanctioned size (I.E. Div. 1A-Div. 1A) then that athlete has to sit out a year from participation in organized games.  If the athlete has gotten a “blanket” release then that student is eligible to have his schooling taken care of by the new school under standard grant in aid (scholarship) dollars.  The athlete can report when other scholarship athletes do, such as practice and do everything (similar to the red shirt) that others do except play in games.  If an athlete like Anderson decides to transfer (which Anderson has) and does not obtain a blanket release than he must pay for all of his own schooling, and can not report on August 6, 2007 with the other scholarship athletes, and he must wait until all normal students report to campus for the start of school.

The sad part is that Kelly was willing to let him transfer to Wayne State, UM, or EMU but Kelly won’t let him come to MSU.  Sadly in my opinion Kelly isn’t allowing him to come because I believe he is still angry with MSU over not getting the job here after JLS was fired. 

I talked with a person who is part of the University of Cincinnati tonight about the situation and he told me, “Coach has some bad blood towards that school and I think he may have some issues with Coach D.  I personally think he should let his feelings go and let the kid transfer.  It is my understanding that Trevor is not from a wealthy family and I think sour grapes can only hurt.  He has a lot of people here that like him (Anderson) and I don’t think that getting them angry is real smart.  I think he should just let him go, the kids gone.”

I have covered Kelly extensively and I have never known him to be petty.  I can tell you personally that I am disappointed in him.  I can understand if he felt like he should have gotten the MSU job.  I know the story of the politics and details that went on while MSU was searching.  I can’t however in anyway understand his actions since getting the UC job. 

At the Big East media days he took a cheap shot (in my opinion) at new Spartan Coach Mark Dantonio when he took a shot at the local Cincinnati media for not covering the event with regular staff.  Kelly’s comments at the time where, “Mark, if he had to do it all over again, might have fought a little bit harder…So, I’m not going to make the same mistake. We’re going to make it clear that if you want to review the movie, you’ve got to go see it. If you’re going to be a credible source of information, you need to be around those that are in the know…Don’t tell me you don’t have the budget. Don’t tell me that you’re on vacation. You’re either in or you’re out as a credible source.”

Dantonio probably figured if he won that he would get what he earned.  Something that maybe you should think about Brian.  It’s time for Kelly to stop this nonsense and let by all accounts a great kid on and off the field to transfer.

Anderson is happy to be a part of the Spartan Nation and is willing to pay for the PRIVLEDGE of playing for the green and white.  The sad part is that Coach Kelly needs to do the right thing and let the kid go.  In case your wondering, I have always supported schools when there is a coaching change letting kids go.  Come on Coach Kelly, do the right thing and let the kid go with a blanket release.

Spartan fans will have to wait for Anderson to suit up, but it will be a wait that is well worth it. Anderson is considered by many to be a solid NFL talent and will be an IMMEDIATE contributor to the Spartans when he finally suits up in 2008!

If Kelly wants to get back at MSU or Dantonio for some unthinkable reason, this is not the way.  The only person who pays is Anderson, and that is wrong.  I will be trying to contact Kelly for a comment.  If I do, I will give you his response.

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